How can I reconfigure services via telnet/ssh?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by BubbaJones, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. BubbaJones

    BubbaJones Network Newbie Member


    I was attempting to incorporate a PiHole onto my home network. I had done it before, as a test, and everything seemed fine. This morning a made a couple of changes to my Tomato setup (On A Netgear device), and now the web interface is not responding.

    The changes I made were: 1- changed the advanced network dhcp settings to point to the pihole, rather than the default for tomato. The OTHER change I made, was, (And I honestly don't know WHY I did this) to "check network" or something, every 10 minutes. It's the thing where it pings google and microsoft every once in a while.

    These are the ONLY changes I can recall making. Well after a "save", the web interface will not respond. DHCP clients do not seem to be getting proper settings; I CAN set a static IP and SSH to the router and get a prompt. I can run 'ps' and see services running. However, the web interface is not responding.

    Any advice? What I'd like to do is to disable the dhcp server service, then reboot; also, somehow set the configuration for anything else that might be hogging RAM.

    Any advice appreciated, including "Re-Flash it" with a fresh install. Which is what I'm going to do tonight, if I can't figure out how to un-screw it.
  2. Sean B.

    Sean B. Network Guru Member

    This statement is extremely vague, you need to elaborate on exactly what settings you changed. Then guidance can be given on how to revert those changes via shell access.
  3. BubbaJones

    BubbaJones Network Newbie Member

    I don't know how I can be more specific. I can't take screen shots; I can't find examples online. it's "The setting where you tell dhcp to point to a different dns server as opposed to using 'default'.

    Let me rephrase the question: Is there a guide to using SSH and the command line to configure the Tomato firmware? If so, where might I find it? I've googled around but unsucsessfully.
  4. Sean B.

    Sean B. Network Guru Member

    Possible things that could mean, that I can think of at the moment:

    1) Made entries into the "Custom config" box under Advanced->DHCP/DNS

    2) Unchecked the option for "Use internal DNS" under Advanced->DHCP/DNS

    2) Changed the "Static DNS" entries under Basic->Network

    The only relation between DHCP and DNS is the DNS servers that DHCP passes to clients when they obtain/renew a lease. DNS would not break the LAN clients getting a DHCP address, nor would it break the web interface being accessible ( at least by IP address ). You are likely using the wrong terms for the settings you changed. Or you messed up a custom config entry, but if you're calling that a setting rather than " I put my own config in a box " .. yikes.

    No, but the process is rather simple once the actual settings you changed are known.
  5. BubbaJones

    BubbaJones Network Newbie Member

    YES. That is what I did. I understand and agree, that DNS is probably not the issue. Some config change that I made has caused the router to not runn DHCP server at all; nor is it running the web interface.

    I really just want to figure out whether it's possible to flash the latest image back onto the router without having access to the network interface; perhaps via telnet or SSH.

    Here's what I have on SSH login:

    Tomato v1.28.0000 MIPSR2-3.5-140 K26 USB AIO
    Welcome to the Netgear WNR3500L v2 [SSID]
    Uptime: 01:07:40 up 6:07
    Load average: 1.08, 1.01, 0.97
    Mem usage: 8.3% (used 10.32 of 123.77 MB)
    WAN : <external ip @ 11:22:34:aa:bb:cc
    LAN1 : @ DHCP: -
    WL0 : 2,4GHz @ SSID @ channel: US8 @ 20:0C:C8:06:D2:D2
  6. BubbaJones

    BubbaJones Network Newbie Member


    I ended up figuring out that when the router booted when NOT plugged into the modem via the WAN port, I COULD reach the web admin page! If it booted while plugged into the WAN, it... would not.

    Don't ask me what random stupid setting I changed to make that happen. Probably something to do with dns. haha.. even though we said it wasn't. I used the opportunity to do a reset of settings from the menu - easy enough to find! NOW it works FINE. took me like 2 seconds to get my SSID back up with proper config, and all my devices such as my HUGE new TV working FINE!

    Sean B., thank you for taking the time to help. I do appreciate it!!! and your time and patience.

    Better tech support than RedHat! (I got a response way faster, anyway, haha).

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