How can I tell what APs are in range of my WRT54GS bridge?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by bramfrank, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. bramfrank

    bramfrank Network Guru Member

    I want to see a list of APs in range of my bridge (and their stats) so I can better select a channel for a decent connection with my brother's house in bridge mode. Doesn;t seem to be any native support for it in the Satori release.

    My laptop is pretty deaf and even so I get between 6 & 12 active APs showing up on its available list.

    Given that the WRT54GS has better antennae, I'm guessing that I'd be best off knowing what channels are most 'available' to reduce the noise floor. Then again, I may just decide to go with directional antennae . . .

    I've loaded Satori V4.0 - gotten the bridge up with the D-Link DI-624 he has - routed the ports from the WAN that I need across to my own DI-614 (via the WRT) and from there to the appropriate PCs on my LAN and everything works like it should. Pretty perky performance, too.

    But I get the feeling I can do better.

    Is there anything out there I can use to scan the channels?

  2. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    you should be able to use (in telnet/ssh) wl -i eth1 scan
    then wl -i eth1 scanresults to show a list of clients that are "visible" to your router it will also give the power and noise and channel info for those clients...
    hope that helps.
  3. bramfrank

    bramfrank Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the info but command doesn't seem to return any responses - probably because it's a client itself.

    This device is in bridge mode and I'm looking for a list of hosts, not clients.

    I suspect I need something external - is there an application or process anyone can suggest that can be loaded to generate a quasi-realtime report of what hosts the device can see?

  4. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    maybe i misunderstood...
    you may need to ifconfig eth1 down before you can do a scan, that will shows what other visible SSIDs (other routers) are around your router, you can also try netstumbler or kismet on your PC, theres also a version of kismet you can run on the router and send the results to a kismet client so you get the better radio of the router itself... if i'm not understanding the question please try to rephrase it and i'll see if I can give you the answer you need...
  5. howser

    howser Network Guru Member

    You can also upgrade to the newer firmware revs from sveasoft, they have the ability to see what's close by clicking the "survey" button.
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