How can I unbrick my WRT54GS V6.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nathanfsu, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. nathanfsu

    nathanfsu Addicted to LI Member

    Hi after I tried to upgrade my router with the wireless connection, my router stop responding, and later when I tried to connect with a wired connection, my computer didn't identify the connection. How can I unbrick it, I tried most of the methos unless open my router because they don't have a tutorial saying how to unbrick the v 1.6
    My flash chip is broadcom 5.0
    thank you
  2. xjulzkx

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    Unbricking the Linksys WRT54G and WRT54GS router's is quite simple and easily done. I've unbricked 3 different versions of the WRT54GS and 2 different versions of the WRT54G. All follow the same method, except the placement of the Intel Chip is generally in different positions on the boards.

    Either way, here's a good guide to follow, includes pictures to give you an idea on what you have to do. Took me about 2 minutes to open up my router, stick a wire in the antenna end to ground it, stick the other end of a wire on pin 16, then turn on the router and hold until all lights light up and then turn off. you can now remove the wire that you were holding on Pin 16 of the Intel chip and your all done. Turn the router off and back on, hold down the reset button for 5 seconds, and wait for it. Then follow the rest of the guide on the link I provided above for putting back on the default firmware for your router model. Now you can start again!

    Some people say holding the wire between pin's 15 and 16 does it, some say only has to be directly on Pin 16..

    As you may also notice, there are pins on both sides of the Intel Chip. One side, the pins will say on one corner 1. At the other end it'll say 24 or something, and every 5 pins, there's a little marker, so it's easy to work out where pin 16 is.

    Also, The type of wire I used? Well from an older coputer of mine, I just ripped out a wire from an ethernet cable, stripped the two ends, and that was my wire I used to ground in the antenna and on the Intel Chip. I didn't have a "probe" as this guy did in the pictures on the link above.
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