How do I backup wrt54gs v5.1 firmware?

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by spotler, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. spotler

    spotler LI Guru Member

    Before updating the firmware in the wrt54gs version 5.1 router, I would like to backup the firmware.

    I have been able to backup the configuration, but can't work out how to backup the firmware.

    Do I need another utility and if so does anyone know where to find one?
  2. 0Kool

    0Kool LI Guru Member

    I'm not sure how to pull the firmware directly from the router, but you can download the latest firmware for the WRT54GS from Linksys' website.

    Go to Support, then Downloads
  3. spotler

    spotler LI Guru Member

    Thanks for that MindFreak. What I am really after is a means to back up the firmware already in the router.

    Alternatively, does anyone have a link to the wrt54gs firmware version 1.50.5 - the same one that came in the router when new - Router is a UK version.
  4. mjpartyboy

    mjpartyboy LI Guru Member

    I'm also in need of firmware 1.50.5 and 1.50.8 for a WRT54GS v5.1, but Linksys only have the latest one on their sites, at this point it's 1.50.9 UK and 1.51.0 US, and I can't find either of them on their FTP site or by Googling.

    Please can someone provide links to 1.50.5 and 1.50.8 or send me the original BIN files?

    They must be out there somewhere. I hope you can help. :)

    Edit: I've already contacted Linksys to no avail, despite them saying they would send the files to me as requested.
  5. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Linksys is not usually very helpful when it comes to giving out old firmware. I had a quick peak and couldn't find it either.
  6. mjpartyboy

    mjpartyboy LI Guru Member

    It's annoying. I really could do with getting hold of these firmware versions. :frown:
  7. spotler

    spotler LI Guru Member

    Linksys does not seem to have the appropriate file. I find this astonishing that they will not provide the same firmware as being sold in their routers right now.

    "We regret to inform you that the firmware your router currently has, which is version 1.50.5 is unavailable for download. I can instead provide you a link for version 1.50.6 which is of the same firmware series as what your router has."

    They even suggested that...
    "The firmware of the WRT54GS versions 1-3 are of the same series, whereas versions 4-6 are of another series. The US firmware is different from those for UK devices. For the US firmware, versions 1-3 belong to one firmware series, version 4, another, and then versions 5 and 6 have the same series as well.

    For your device, you can use the one found on the UK site for version 4 if you want to downgrade."

    But I thought that version 5 upwards was VxWorks, not the same as for version 4????
  8. asgura

    asgura Guest

    Incredibly despite scouring what feels like the entire Internet I cannot find an older version of the WRT54GS v5.1 firmware. Even odder, the UK and US websites don't even mention a v5.1 hardware - only 5.0.
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