How do I choose which firmware?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by alien51, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. alien51

    alien51 Guest

    I just recently found out that 3rd party firmwares can add a lot of useful features. I read about Sveasoft and then accidently found this site mentioning so many others (HyperWRT, DD-WRT, OpenWRT, ...). I searched the sites FAQs, polls and posts and couldn't find info on helping me how to choose which firmware to use.

    I haven't bought the router yet so compatibility is not a determinant. What is most important to me is QoS. I'll be using it to do heavy p2p downloading, FTP server hosting, general web browsing, streaming multimedia content wirelessly in the LAN and more. In the future I plan to do VPN and VoIP. I'm also a security freak. WPA2 is desirable but I'm not sure I really need it.

    Can you help with your comments?
  2. pasys

    pasys Network Guru Member

    I would suggest you to try all the frimwares. So far , DD-WRT offers me the best (it combines everything and offers the best of everything). On the other hand , you might want to stay away with OpenWRT (if you are a total noob on Linux..there is no "Web interface" on OpenWRT..But OpenWRT has many applications

    sveasoft frimware is nice , but i think you can try their free version too (most of the functions are found in DD-WRT..but it has a nice GUI and its noob proof + I heard they have enabled WPA2 Support)

    You should give DD-WRT a shot first...the best frimware ever..QoS works fine !
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