How do i connect my four home/office computers.........

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by THEBOSS, Jun 8, 2005.


    THEBOSS Guest

    I'm a n00b to this whole networking thing and need help hooking up my four home office computers together along with linking them to my printer/fax machine.

    Any step-by-step directions or links would be great.


  2. almond_23

    almond_23 Network Guru Member

    For your initial setup, what is the model number of your router and who is your internet service provider?

    You can try going to then choose the netset assistant in configuring your router. You don't have to hook up your router yet. You just need an internet conenction to be able to download the the netset assistant. Just run it on your computer with firewalls disabled and it will tell you along the process when to hook up the router until it is up and running...

    For your printer and fax machine, just go to and look for answer id 280 for a step by step procedure on enabling file and printer sharing with your computers.. :)
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