How do I tftp Satory?

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by Mourgos, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Mourgos

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    Sorry for the totally noob question, but I haven't done it before, and every site I've looked takes for granted that you know how to do it...

    So how exactly is it done?Which tftp client do you suggest and could you simply describe how is it used?

    I know the question is kind of simple and that it is irritating for a more advanced user, but I would appreciate it if someone answered...

    Thnx in advance...
  2. beeblebrox

    beeblebrox Network Guru Member

    Are you trying to upgrade your firmware? If so, just go to the Administration tab and use the firmware upgrade form there.
  3. linksysonline

    linksysonline Network Guru Member

    Accessing the Router’s Setup page:

    1. Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

    2. Type in WRT54GS’s IP Address into the “Address†field ( is the default IP) and click GO or hit the [Enter] key.

    3. A “User Name†and “Password†prompt will appear. Leave the “User Name†blank and input the WRT54GS’s password (admin is the default password) into the “Password†field then click the OK button or hit the [Enter] key.

    4. Once in the web-based utility, click on the Administration tab, and then the Firmware Upgrade sub-tab.

    5. Click the Browse button, and navigate to the location where the firmware files were extracted to in previous steps. Select the firmware file (for example, WRT54GS_2.07.1_US_code.bin).

    6. The appropriate file path leading to the .bin file will automatically be entered into the File Path box when the correct file is selected.

    7. Once selected, click on the Upgrade button to begin the firmware upgrade procedure. You will be prompted when the process is complete.

    Resetting the Router:

    After the upgrade is complete and to make sure that the new firmware is properly loaded, you must reset your router by holding in the Reset button located on the back of the unit for 30 seconds. This will erase all of your router’s settings. To reconfigure any custom options that you may have set up, be sure to return to the web-based configuration utility located at (the default IP address).

    After completing all steps, your router’s firmware will be upgraded successfully.
  4. linksysonline

    linksysonline Network Guru Member

    TFP Howto:
    Firmware upgrades may erase all previous settings to your router's configuration. Before upgrading your firmware, make sure to record your settings.

    1. Unplug and disconnect all computers from the router except for one. This computer must be plugged into the router directly. There can be no other network activity (wired and wireless) on the router during the upgrade, so be sure to power off all other computers.

    2. Go to

    3. Select the model number of the Linksys router you have. Make sure to select the correct router version as well, as firmware upgrades frequently vary by version. You can find your router version underneath your router after the model number. For example, “BEFW11S4 ver. 2â€.

    4. Click the Downloads for this Product button.

    5. Once you arrive on the download page, click the Firmware button.

    6. After the firmware page opens, click the link that says “Click here to download the latest firmware...†and download the firmware file to your computer.

    7. Once you download the firmware Zip file, unzip it. If you do not have an unzipping program, go to and download WinZip, which will allow you to unzip the file.

    8. After unzipping the firmware files, one of them will be called TFTP.EXE. Double click on it.

    9. When the “Upgrade Firmware†window opens, you will have three prompts. The “Server†field is for the IP address of your router; by default this would be

    10. Enter the routers password into the “Password†field; by default the password is admin.

    11. Browse for the file in the Firmware Upgrade utility program by clicking on the button next to file with the '…' symbol on it. Look for the file named 'code.bin' in the folder where the firmware files were extracted to.

    12. Highlight the code.bin file and click on the Open button to direct the TFTP loader program to put that file into the "File" box.

    13. The full path should be displayed [example: c:\linksys\code.bin].

    14. Click on the Upgrade button to begin the upgrade process.

    15. The upgrade should take about 1 minute, and you will be prompted after the upgrade is complete and successful.
  5. stefor

    stefor Network Guru Member

    These answers are really clear.
    May one of the moderators set this thread as a post-it to keep it on the top of the forum to get it quickly for all newbies (like me :) ).
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    check the FAQs
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