How (else) can I share a wireless connection, wirelessly?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Zotta, May 7, 2006.

  1. Zotta

    Zotta LI Guru Member

    I was usiing a WET11 (802.11b bridge) and WRT54G to share a wireless internet connection with a network printer (wired), and between 2 to 4 laptops (wireless). Sometimes there is a need to support an additional wired laptop.

    However, both the WET11 and WRT54G I have are now dead due to some random occurance.

    The setup is moved around pretty often, and we use it in different locations. Being resonably portable/packable is quite essential.

    Most often, these locations have a open wireless connection, or wired connection. Occassionally, it will have a weak wireless connection, and very occassionally will have a protected wireless connection.

    I'm looking to replace the above setup, and was wondering if anyone could comment on how viable the following solutions might be, pros/cons I may have missed, and generally which would you consider the most ideal solution; or to suggest something else that I may have missed.

    a) Linksys WTR54GS. link
    + All in one, small, most compact. Appears to do most of what I need
    - Unable to share/connect to a protected wireless connection
    - Unable to support >1 wired device
    - Potentially unable to login if only a weak wireless connection is available.
    - Potentially weak coverage - no external antenna / power boost custom firmware

    b) Linksys WET54G + WRT54GC
    ~ Pretty much the same setup I had before.
    + Resonably compact
    - No custom firmware
    ? Unknown signal coverage - no power boost custom firmware (external antenna supported however...)
    - I hear the WET54G is a less than ideal bridge, and doesn't perform very well...

    c) Linksys WET54G link + WRT54G
    ~ Same setup I had before.
    + Custom firmware
    - Not very portable/compact...
    - I hear the WET54G is a less than ideal bridge, and doesn't perform very well...

    d) Linksys WRT54G (custom firmware, client mode) + WAP54G link
    + ???
    - Bulky

    e) 2* Linksys WRT54G (custom firmware)
    + ???
    - Bulky

    Are there any particular advantages to using d or e above?
    Are there any other products out there that might be able to serve my needs?

    There certainly is no way a custom firmware on a WRT54G that would be able to do what the WTR54GS does right? (share a wireless connection, wirelessly...)

  2. RTSAnime

    RTSAnime Network Guru Member

    no a WRT alone cannot share a wireless connection wirelessly. Although 2 wrts do have the advantage of being cheap. Although you would probably have to get GL's since I doubt you can find any V2-V4 G's anymore. With the only disagvantage being semi buly, they should accomplish everything you want.
  3. Zotta

    Zotta LI Guru Member

    I've just come to learn apparently the latest Talisman might be able to share a wireless connection, wirelesslyt. Very interesting; if so, I'll only need a single WRT54G, and I would be happy.

    From here
    Also mentioned here.
    Probably just a matter of time before the various firmwares will be able to implement it... :cheering:
  4. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Yeah you get back to us when James has managed to turn this trick. Hey by the way when is he going to live up to GPL and make his source available for download?

    In the meanwhile there are plenty of simple, inexpensive, and supported methods to solve the problem. I prefer using 2 radios myself.

    Asking a single radio to do multiple jobs simultaneously is not smart. Inevitably you will have problems with dropped packets and it will not handle loads well.

    Don't be cheap, spend a few extra bucks and build a supportable solution instead of sitting around waiting for the secret of turning lead to gold to arrive.

    One WRT54GL unit in "AP-client" to pick up signal. Pipe that into the WAN port on second unit and use it as a standard router. Simple! They even stack up neatly.

    I am told the Linksys WTR54GC unit (not same as WRT54GC) unit will do what you describe, a clever little client/AP unit. But you are stuck with Linksys firmware and their crappy support people so good luck with it if it doesn't work well for you.
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