How good is the RV016????

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by kakf, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. kakf

    kakf Network Guru Member

    I posted this same question a few days ago and no one answered me so here it goes again. We have an office of 25 users, Cisco 2600 with T1 and cable modem back up. I am looking at the RV016 but can not find too many reviews on it. At the most I have found only 3 or 4, between cnet, eopinions, and amazon. Can anyone share their experiences with this device?

    I was also considering the symantec 320 and 360 but decided against them. Another option is sonic wall or the juniper line. The connection has to be stable, there are going to be 3 gateway to gateway vpn's piped into this device, so it has to be stable. Another option is the Netgear 538, but from the netgear forums that device is very unstable.
  2. jkaris

    jkaris Network Guru Member

    We have been using the RV082 for over a year and it is the best box I have used, period. We dumped of our Pix and 1720s to get a couple of RV082s for our two branches. The main branch runs about 35 users who are almost all on constantly, while our satelite branch uses 5 or so. We have it setup gateway to gateway and have had no problems with hardware issues since we got them. Solid, very solid, even with the web and email server.

    Not sure if you need the 016, I think the 082 would be fine.
  3. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    it's possible not a lot of people utilize that particular router in this forum.

    However, a solution that I turned to when I and a lot of others were trying to find answers with the WRV54G was to join a yahoo group that dealt with issues particular to that device or ask toxic to create a "trouble forum" specifically for the RV series routers so you can keep all questions and answers located in one noticeable area.

    Both of these might be feasible options. You've got the lead on this one should that be your course of action :)

  4. SpeedStreet

    SpeedStreet Network Guru Member

    Our company dumped a Sonicwall firewall/router in favor of the RV016. At first, i was in absolute heaven. This firewall is by far the cheapest and most effective solution for what we are trying to accomplish (multi-wan connections to load balance speed).

    A few minor issues:

    1. If a connection is established using one of the IPs, you are not always guaranteed to have the firewall respond using the session on that same WAN. This can cause huge headaches for sessions that use SPI connections, especially for situations like ours where we use 443 for order transactions.

    2. Dispatching by users seems flaky at best. I want to specify one machine to use one connection as its dedicated outbound line, and the rest of the machines to use another connection...unless that connection were to go down. This has not been a tremendous solution in this area, and I have a support call into Linksys about it right now.

    A few great things about it:
    1. The latest firmware adds some great features. Now, the RV016 features bandwidth throttling per protocol if necessary and domain blocking by keyword.

    2. Price point: The features, thoroughput, etc. seemingly can't be matched for a unit of almost double the cost. This is by far the best solution between a small firewall and upgrading to a Cisco badboy.

    Hope this helps. I would love to see more users of the RV016 on here so we can begin to support this product ourselves.
  5. losycompresion

    losycompresion Network Guru Member

    Sorry to say I cannot reccomend RV016

    Mine works fine, I got the quick VPN to work, unlike many other posts. BUT, I have flakey connection problems, my $20 dlink does not. It appears to be that when i have 2 high speed connections plugged in my speed is LOWERED by 50% and at times losses connection totaly. Linksys responded once telling me to upgrade my firmware, which I already did. Now when I respond to the ticket saying it didn't fix it I get no responce. If you are really looking for a buisness use router do not buy this. You will need to spend more money on a product like a netscreen 25. That is assuming you really want realiablity. If you are only willing to spend 400 or 500 get something like a NS5GT or PIX 501. These are single WAN only but considering you have a T1, a high grade single WAN router would be 2nd choice to a good 4 port router like a NS25. Sorry but its the truth.
  6. paradisecowgirl

    paradisecowgirl Network Guru Member

    Re: Sorry to say I cannot reccomend RV016

    Just out of curiousity, what kind of connections are they and what are their rated speeds?

    I lose over half my cable connection speed with my RV042 and read somewhere that setting the MTU to "manual" but leaving the value at 1500 would help and it did.

    However, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the RV0x2 serious routers don't have enough computing power to keep depending on usage and configuration.
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