How good is the WRT330N?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by dctokyo, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. dctokyo

    dctokyo LI Guru Member

    I have a WRT54 v6 and I game only but I share this router with 4 other computers, I am disconnect alot so i was thinking of getting the WRT330N but I can not find reviews on the router, Most the the people that game say to get the D-link 4300,

    any good advise here

    many thanks
  2. dctokyo

    dctokyo LI Guru Member

  3. katebush

    katebush LI Guru Member

    Excelent! works great with the new Intel Centrino equiped with 4965ABGN minicard and with other clients from major brands.

  4. FooMasta

    FooMasta Guest

    Excellent Performance

    This is a great router. I had been using the SRX400 router, until I bricked it while trying to update the firmware (it was already dieing, as I was having major issues trying to connect/load the to admin settings).

    I live in a large house, with numerous amount of roomates using the internet at any given time. In my room there's my computer hooked directly via CAT-5, my gf's laptop using an SRX400, her desktop with a SRX400 card, 2 MacBooks, 2 PC laptops, and 2 other desktops, oh and 1 Wii.

    I had issues regarding setting up WPA or WEP on the Macs to work, so I decided not to use security and go with MAC filtering on for all the devices connecting to the internet.

    As soon as I set this baby up, I logged into the settings.. it's fast... it's damn fast. I was going through each of the setup screens as if the pages were already cached in my HD. I went to Linksys, dled the latest firmware, and updated the router. After adding the MAC addresses in the list, none of the devices had issues connecting. I would like to note that none of the wireless adaptors in our house use the Draft-N spec, only B, G and SRX400.

    This is the best router I have ever tried, and I have been through 4 different brands/models. It was even better than the SRX400, which I thought was great (even though in online games I was receiving a 1% ploss which would never seem to go away, even through a wired connection). This router was giving me stable pings, and my packetloss in the game I play was minimal S2C .1% C2S .1% (down from 1%, .1%). Even when downloading large files, through http or BT, I was still able to play games (without lagging or lagging out), and surfing webpages had very minimal, noticeable lag. My roomies all praised this, saying their signal was strong and they never get dropped connections anymore.

    The price tag is very high at $200, but if you are a gamer looking for a very good performing router, that won't drop or lag your packets, this is for you.
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