how to access my modem connected on wan port?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by chomli, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. chomli

    chomli LI Guru Member

    my linksys wrt54gl is set to ip and huawei smartax mt880 modem is set to

    do i need to change it ip address? to which ip address?
  2. LLigetfa

    LLigetfa LI Guru Member

  3. chomli

    chomli LI Guru Member

    i'm testing tomato for few days and i had some problems. my first problem was slow surfing after 1 day of flash it, but than i changed max con to 4096 and established time to 7200. i cleared nvram also. now i'm waiting :)
    but i like tomato so much

    other problem was with wireless but than i found out that wpa2 needs patch for winxp...
  4. u3gyxap

    u3gyxap Network Guru Member

    You could use value even lower than 7200. I like 1440 a lot better.
  5. chomli

    chomli LI Guru Member

    i gonna try it
  6. babhishek

    babhishek LI Guru Member

    reducing that number always helps. chomli where are you based? asian subcontinent?
  7. Noodlewad

    Noodlewad LI Guru Member

    Our cable modem @ work has an address of
    It is set up: Cable Modem > WAN WRT54GL
    I can navigate from our 129.168.2.x network to the address and configure the modem.

    I have a different modem @ home, it is, it plugs in to the WAN port on a WRT54GS and I can access it from my 192.168.123.x network using

    Am I missing something he is trying to do or is it his modem that doesn't let this work, it is just fine here.
  8. LLigetfa

    LLigetfa LI Guru Member

    Cable modems don't generally tunnel through PPPoE whereas ADSL modems do. Since the PPPoE endpoint is at the router, the modem is a transparent part of the tunnel as is everything upto the other endpoint.
  9. Noodlewad

    Noodlewad LI Guru Member

    So you tunnel from the router (or pc) through the modem directly to the ADSL provider? Makes sense your connection never sees the modem then.
    I think the last ADSL modem we had @ work I just plugged the WRT into and specified the public static IP we were provided, I never did configure the modem though. We did not use PPPoE on that modem AFAIK. Is there another kind of DSL available? It was specifically used for phone service at the time, but was unreliable so we switched to cable.
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