How to access the NSLU2 from the internet via http

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by mpalter, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. mpalter

    mpalter LI Guru Member

    I have read through the forum and tried to follow previous posts to set up my NSLU2 to be accessed from the internet via http, but have had no success.
    1) I have a Linksys cable modem (BEFCMU10 ver2), a Linksys router (WRTG54GX ver 1) and the NSLU2 (firmware v2.3R63).
    2) I have an older 60 GB USB hard drive attached to the NSLU2 which I have accessed via my desktop without any problem. This computer is attached via Ethernet cable to the router.
    3) I set up the NSLU2 to have a fixed IP address at
    4) Under "system" and then "location" I have "Enable Guest login", "Enable FTP server", and "Enable UPnP Support" all checked.
    5) Also under Enable UPnP Support I have "80" in the box for "Port number for HTTP (Web Browser) connections to this server"
    6) I went to my Linksys router setup and under "applications & gaming" I have an entry where Application=NSLU2, Start=80, End=80, Protocol=Both, IP Address=192.1681.77, Enable=Checked.
    7) I used to get my external IP address. Let's say it was I presume this is the address assigned to my cable modem by my cable company?
    8) I typed in into the address line, but only get an error message on a web page that says :
    Sorry. We can't find

    Can anyone offer some suggestions?
  2. Quijy

    Quijy LI Guru Member

    What are you trying to do here?

    Connect to the web interface to admin the NSLU2 or gain FTP access to the NSLU2?
  3. mpalter

    mpalter LI Guru Member

    I want to be able to access pictures, music files, and some other assorted files from a remote computer -using http.

    I'm trying to access the content on the USB drives attached to the NSLU2. I'm mostly interested in being able to view content and not necessarily transfer files. Thats why I asked about http access and not FTP access. I thought the main difference in setup was that you had to use port 21 for FTP and there were a range of ports for http access, like port 80 or 8080.
  4. Quijy

    Quijy LI Guru Member

    Ok, next question. Are you trying to do this over the WAN connection or inside your local LAN? I ask becasue while I had a NSLU2, I do not recall it having the ability to HTTP. But I could be wrong.

    The only other thing and I am guessing, maybe i should download the manual and refresh my brain. You need to make sure you have the network information in the NSLU2 setup with DNS, Gateway, IP, Subnet mask so it can see the outside world. Also shut off the enable guest logins once you make this visable anyone will be able to get in it with guest enabled. second shut off the FTP sever if you are not going to FTP to the device.

    Then you should be able to connect to it outside LAN by using the IP address of your inet connection. not your Just the IP address. So if you cable modem is 123.456.789.01, just put the address in the address bar of explorer/firefox and it should bring up the NSLU2 login popup.
  5. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    Does your cable provider block incoming Port 80 connections? That would be a good reason for that error message.
  6. mpalter

    mpalter LI Guru Member

    I am trying to set it up so I could access it from outside my network over the internet. I have seen messages on forums talking about both FTP and http access. I thought you opened ports 20/21 for FTP access and 80 (and others) for http access. That's why I believe you can use http - I've seen discussions about using ports 80, 8080, etc.

    If I type in the address of my cable modem - 123.456.789.01, for example, I get to the login window of my router and can login to it. If I type in the address with the port - 123.456.789.01:80 - I get an error message. I did also try it with another port number - 8080 - just to see if it would work, but no luck.

    You mentioned the the network information in the NSLU2 setup with DNS, Gateway, IP, Subnet mask so it can see the outside world. In my NSLU2 setup I picked a fixed IP address of and the subnet mask is and the Gateway is blank. The DNS server setting is also blank. I was a little confused about what to put in these spaces because they differ depending on where I look. If I go to the router setup and click status it gives me the Wan IP address (same as my cable modem), subnet mask (, default gateway, and 2 DNS server addresses. If I use ipconfig /all I get a different IP address, different subnet ( The default gateway, DHCP server, and DNS server are all (the default settings in the router setup). Do you know which I'm supposed to use?
  7. Quijy

    Quijy LI Guru Member

    When you use IPconfg, you see your LAN. In the nslu2 put the gateway on your LAN, that should be the IP of your router on the LAN side. For the DNS you can use any but I would use the primany or first DNS listed on the cable modem. The subnet mask will be the same as on your lan. As for the port number at the end of the IP, it may be you do not need it becasue the nslu2 is the only device on your network that is visable and you are are ready requesting port 80 when you use your browser.
  8. mpalter

    mpalter LI Guru Member

    I set it to port 8080, but still no luck.

    I tried the settings that I got from the linsys router under status but the NSLU2 wouldn't accept some of them, so I think those are what is seen from the outside. It would accept the settings I got form ipconfig /all so now my settings are fixed IP=, Networkmask=, Gateway=, and the DNS server= These settings all match what is under the Network setup for Router IP - local IP address ( and subnet mask. Where do I find the DNS server address?
  9. Quijy

    Quijy LI Guru Member

    go to where you found the IP address of your cable modem. They should be on the same screen in you router. you have the IP of your modem, the subnet mask, gateway on the remote network (internet), and two maybe three DNS servers listed. take the first one in the list.
  10. mpalter

    mpalter LI Guru Member

    If I don't put a port number in I get to the router, but not the drive on the NSLU2

    So my settings in the NSLU2 setup are currently fixed IP=, Network mask=, Gateway=, and the DNS server= but unfortunately still no access. I can get to the router as mentioned above - it just seems there is no port access. Is there some other way to test to see if the port is open?
  11. mpalter

    mpalter LI Guru Member

    I tried the other DNS server address ( but still no luck. Stills seems like its something with getting to the port.
  12. kevanj

    kevanj LI Guru Member your original post you said:

    8) I typed in into the address line

    is that EXACTLY what you typed??

    Because if you specify a port using :80, you MUST prepend the URL with http://
  13. mpalter

    mpalter LI Guru Member

    I did prepend the URL with http:// - I didn't want it to end up in my post as a Web address. I've even tried a few different ports - 80, 8080, 7080. As far as I can tell my cable ISP doesn't block any ports from being active. I've emailed them to ask, but no reply so far. My ISP is Comcast in case anyone might know offhand.
  14. computeguy

    computeguy Network Guru Member

    HTTP acces

    sorry guys the NSLU cannot be accessed via port 80 since the FIRMWARE doesn't
    support HTTP.

    The only thing from the outside that is supported is ftp

    the NSLU supports mapping a drive from inside the network and if your on a vpn from
    your location to vpn to another location, you can remote map a drive. there is
    no webserver "service" in the firmware so HTTP is not an option.

    hope this helps
  15. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    If you tried forwarding other ports (ports numbers that wouldn't be blocked) through your router to port 80 on the NSLU2, then you should have been able to reach the web administration pages of the unit where you can read any file in the NSLU2's directory just as you would if you were accessing the unit from your LAN.

    Setting up the forwarding of say port 7080 to port 80 isn't performed under the normal port forward configuration section on most Linksys routers. Instead this "port tranlation" has to be set up under the UPnP section, where Linksys usually tucks it away.
  16. mpalter

    mpalter LI Guru Member

    I'm very new at this so you could be right, but I have to ask - in the NSLU2 user guide it states:

    "Port Number. This port number is used for HTTP (Web browser) connections to this server. The default is 80, as used by web servers. If this is changed, you should use a number greater than 1024 (8080 is often used). Also, if the port is not 80, you must specify the port in your Web browser, in order to connect. To do this, add a ":" and the port number after the address, such as (This example assumes the Storage Link IP Address is, and the port number is 8080.)"

    What are they referring to? Is it that http only works from somewhere on the wireless network, but not from outside the network? When people have posted about using the NSLU2 to access music files over the internet or using it as a music server, are they actually using FTP to transfer the music file to their local computer to play it? Or if I wanted to access a picture file do I have to actually transfer it before I can see it? Sorry about the questions, but I'm very new at this.

    I was able to map the drive on my desktop, which is wired to the router, and access the drive. At one point I could get to the web admin page of the NSLU2 with a laptop. It did't seem to be a great way to share files with others - to give out the setup page. Somewhere right around then everything locked up and I lost internet access. I had to reset the router and NSLU2 back to the beginning. My router is up and running and I have internet access. I'm about to start again with what to do with the NSLU2 settings.

    So if I have my work laptop (which is part of my work domain and not my workgroup at home - and even if I'm home, I'm not really part of my home network), how can I access files on the NSLU2 from that work laptop, remotely or if I'm at home? (I figure if this example works - everything would work).

    Thanks for everyone's help. I really need to go learn more - anyone know a beginner's book to read?
  17. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    Instead of the port "translation" forwarding trick that I talked about, you have seen that you can change the http access to some port other than 80. If you did this, you could use simple port forwarding on that new port setting to gain access to the administration page from the internet. You would also have to use that new port when you access the NSLU2 from inside your LAN.

    If you have your drives converted to the native EXT3 format of the NSLU2, then you can set a password for administation access. Anyone accessing from the internet wouldn't really be able to access those administration pages so you would be safe. Any data, files, or pictures that you wanted to share with people on the internet would be placed in the Public folder and everyone could see them. If you wanted to restrict, the file viewing to only some people on the internet, you have to set up shares and/or groups.
  18. mpalter

    mpalter LI Guru Member

    I've gotten back to the point I was at before. I can access files from a laptop over the wireless LAN, but not from outside. My ISP provider blocks some prots, but none pf the ones I've been trying. I left the port a the default setting of 80just to see if I could get it working, The user guide says "if the port is not 80, you must specify the port in your Web browser, in order to connect." So my understanding is if I just put my WAN IP address in (the address of my cable modem for my ISP), I should get to the drive, but it didn't work. I even tried putting the complete path to the public folder on the drive that was created during setup for all users. The address looked like I suspect the problem maybe has something to do with the path to the public folder.
  19. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    If you are using port translation through your router to by pass your cable provider's block on port 80, say using port 7080 to port 80 on the NSLU2, then to access your NSLU2 from the internet, you have to address it as aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd:7080.
  20. ramon1984

    ramon1984 LI Guru Member

    i've an NSLU2 beehind an RV082 router, i'm forwarding 80 tcp port to the nslu2, but it havent work, how to ?? thanks
  21. kevanj

    kevanj LI Guru Member

    Works for me (NOT port 80)

    I am forwarding an alternate port (29757) through my router (Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 running DD-WRT), and have the NSLU2 set to respond on that port for http requests. Works like a charm. If you hit the home page on the NSLU2, there is a Login link (User Log in (Private Data) ). Login there using a user name/pwd combo you have configured on the device, and you will be able to browse files, and either open or save them via http. Same can be done for files in the Public folders on both disks (if you have 2 installed).

    If you want to know how to forward ports on your router, try
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