How to add RV042 for VPN?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by soslink, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. soslink

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    Sorry for the length of this post but wanted to give as much detail up front..
    We are in the process of getting ready to setup a gateway-to-gateway VPN using (2) of the RV042 routers.The Main Office is MO, the Remote Office is RO. We need to access files in a shared directory at the MO from the RO. At this point we do not need to connect to the RO from the MO. We have a Static IP from our ISP for both locations.

    Here is the network at the MO:
    Note that everything is static-based;nothing is running DHCP on this network, everything is working fine.

    Windows 2003 Server with (2) Nics as a Domain Controller:
    Internal NIC/LAN IP =
    GW: empty
    External NIC/LAN IP =
    Gateway: (Linsys RTP300 router's LAN IP)

    Server configured to run RRAS so the client PCs can route out to the Internet using the external NIC. By having (2) NICs, we are trying to isolate the network from the Internet.

    LAN IP:
    Configured with ISP-provided Static IP & Gateway & DNS information

    XP PRO CLIENTS joined to domain on Server:
    LAN IP:
    GW: empty

    We want everything to remain static when we introduce the RV042.

    Currently, the ISP cable modem plugs into the main network switch and then into the RTP300's Internet port.
    MO Question(s):

    1. Where/how do we plug in the RV042 router, namely physical cable connections & IP information.

    Here's what we think:

    1. The RV042 WAN1 port will plug into the ISP Cable modem
    2. The cable modem is plugged into the main network switch
    3. The INTERNET port on the RTP300 is plugged into an Ethernet port on the RV042

    We change the settings in the RTP300 listed above to:

    LAN IP: (treat it like a Client PC)
    Remove all ISP settings

    On the new RV042, we set it up like the RTP300 was setup. Then setup up the VPN. Does all of these seem correct?

    At the RO:

    We have the RV042 already in place (VPN not setup yet) running DHCP and giving out IP addresses of to XP PCs that are in a peer-to-peer workgroup (no Server here).
    1. Once the VPN is setup/connected between the MO & RO, is there going to be a problem accessing shares at the MO since the server is on a network using the //IPAddress/sharename for mapping network drive?
    2. Also, do the PCs at the RO need to be joined to the domain at the MO in order to access the files there, or should we just be able to map the drives?

  2. soslink

    soslink LI Guru Member

    We forgot to mention that both the MO & the RO have a main network switch that the PCs connect to.
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