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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by andresitotubia, Jun 27, 2005.

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    i mounted a wireless network with a couples of Access Point that are connected to the main router. All works fine but my internet service is only 512 Kb and i don´t have the possibilty to upgrade the BW cause my ISP doesn´t have services of more than 512Kb. I was thinking to put a transparent proxy on the network but i don´t really know how to start. Im thinking to put a linux box with squid but i don´t understand something.
    My network diagram is the following:

    Internet (CableModem) => Router Linksys WRT54G (working as DHCP server too) => Linksys Switch => In all the building floors there is one WRT54G working as an Access point. They are directly connected to the Switch.
    My question is if the linux box that im going to put as transparent proxy will work or if i need to add some extra configuration to the router in order to say that there is a proxy on the LAN. I don´t understand how when the users make a HTTP request the browser first check for the transparent proxy and not to the default gateway that is the router.
    Hope you can undestand my question.
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