How to bypass OpenVPN on specific ports?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by DallasW, Jun 11, 2011.

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    Hey there,
    I have a VPN up and running on my RT-N12 with Tomato NoUSB running on it. It's all working great, except I'd like try to only route certain traffic through the VPN. You'll have to bear with me here because I am brand new at VPN's, ipTables, Linux, scripting, etc etc etc, and am learning as I go! I am hosting my own openVPN server on a VPS so I have access to everything on both sides if need be. I tried searching around here but couldn't find anyone else who figured this out. I have two options:

    1) Only forward specific sites through the VPN (Hulu, Pandora, Netflix, etc.). This is preferred but I assume it is going to be more difficult. To do this I tried following the scripting part of this guide, but it didn't really seem to work at all? Here is a look at my server's .conf file right now. Again, remember I have no idea what basically any of this means? Even after adding all this stuff, the VPN is active on every site still.

    2) Ignore the VPN on a specific port (so my downloads don't have to be pushed through the VPN). I use newsgroups mainly, so I basically just need to get 563 to not go through the VPN if possible.

    From reading around, it seems I could possibly use iptables to figure this out? Problem is I have no idea how they work, or where to input them on the router, etc.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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