How to compile Tomato in Ubuntu 8.10 - steps

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by SoftCoder, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. SoftCoder

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  3. dkirk

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    Kudos for the excellent writeup! You've encouraged me to delve a little deeper.

    For His glory...
  4. The Doctor

    The Doctor LI Guru Member

    Great post! But I need more...How about "How to compile Tomato for x86 hardware - beginners addition"? :biggrin:

  5. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Good post:- I've just upgraded my Linux desktop so this was a useful refresh of something I tried some time ago:-

    Trying not to install things permanently
    and not run as root, you can use this command to link to the toolchain, set the path andmake

    sudo ln -s ~/Code/TomatoSource_1_23/tomato/tools/brcm /opt/brcm
    export PATH=$PATH:/opt/brcm/hndtools-mipsel-uclibc/bin:/opt/brcm/hndtools-mipsel-linux/bin
    I then found that the old uclibc failed to compile so had to edit

    ~/Code/TomatoSource_1_23/tomato/tools-src/uClibc/ldso/util/ldd.c to get past an error

    make[3]: Entering directory `/home/user/Code/TomatoSource_1_23/tomato/tools-src/uClibc/ldso'
    make -C util;
    make[4]: Entering directory `/home/user/Code/TomatoSource_1_23/tomato/tools-src/uClibc/ldso/util'
    ln -fs ../../include/elf.h
    		-DUCLIBC_DEVEL_PREFIX=\""/opt/brcm/hndtools-mipsel-uclibc-0.9.19"\" \
    		-DUCLIBC_BUILD_DIR=\"/home/user/Code/TomatoSource_1_23/tomato/tools-src/uClibc\" \
    		-DUCLIBC_LDSO=\"\" -I . \
    		ldd.c -o ldd 
    ldd.c:96:2: warning: #warning "You really should add a MATCH_MACHINE() macro for your architecture"
    ldd.c: In function 'find_dependancies':
    ldd.c:528: error: 'ELFCLASSM' undeclared (first use in this function)
    ldd.c:528: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
    ldd.c:528: error: for each function it appears in.)
    ldd.c:529: warning: implicit declaration of function 'MATCH_MACHINE'
    make[4]: *** [ldd] Error 1
    Google found a suitable macro in Busybox...

    /* X86_64  */
     #if defined(__x86_64__)
     #define MATCH_MACHINE(x) (x == EM_X86_64)
    which seemed to work with my Intel CPU and Ubuntu 8.10 AMD64 version. I have compiled other things such as WAG200G and OpenWRT s have already installed various tools and libraries - getlibs has been useful

    and the rest of the build completed to an image the correct size - not yet tested!
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