How to configure WRT54GL for an IP Range and web access

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by zdawg, May 29, 2006.

  1. zdawg

    zdawg LI Guru Member

    I was able to get the WRT54GL configured with a address with help from this forum (Thanx 4Access for the info). I entered the following:

    nvram set rc_startup="ifconfig vlan2 netmask"
    nvram set vlan0ports="1 2 3 5*"
    nvram set vlan2hwname=et0
    nvram set vlan2ports="4 5"
    nvram set rc_firewall="
    iptables -I FORWARD -i vlan1 -o vlan2 -j ACCEPT
    iptables -I FORWARD -i vlan2 -o vlan1 -j ACCEPT
    iptables -I INPUT -i vlan2 -j ACCEPT
    iptables -I INPUT -i vlan1 -j ACCEPT
    nvram commit

    I can now ping the vlan from my lan ip 192.168.x.x., and if I enter the IP in a browser I get the DD-WRT router home page. I am proud of this as I am a newbie to configuring VLAN's. However this only a small victory for me, and I am in need of further assistance. I am trying to figure out how I can config the WRT54GL to set up an IP range for this VLAN ( and have this network access the internet
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