how to connect to a VPN server behind a WRT54GS running Tomato 1.13?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by red_tea, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. red_tea

    red_tea Network Guru Member

    Here is my situation:

    I have a windows Vista PC running behind a WRT54GS, which running Tomato 1.13.

    Now, I want to run the microsoft VPN service on the Vista PC.

    How can I connect to this VPN server from internet ? Is it possible ? Any special config on the router?

    VPN server(Windows Vista) -- WRT54GS(Tomato 1.13) -- Internet -- Remote Client(Windows XP)

    Please help, thanks very much !
  2. der_Kief

    der_Kief Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    you have to create a port forwarding rule in the Port Forwarding section. As i remember the micorsoft vpn port is 1723. Then you should be able to access your local vpn machine.

  3. red_tea

    red_tea Network Guru Member

    yeah, 1723 works.. thanks!
  4. mrgamer

    mrgamer Network Guru Member

    anybody that can confirm this ?

    i'm trying to make a winxp vpn server, but people can't access me from outside just forwarding port 1723 (both udp and tcp) on tomato 1.17

    actually i haven't tried openvpn firmware yet, cause my aim is to provide remote assistance support to different clients, and windows xp vpn is really the easiest and fastest way to do it

    EDIT: seems my problem could originate from protocol 47 (GRE) passthrough!
    I'm using a WRT54GL 1.1, and from what i've found with google, the only interesting thing is that protocol 47 means that i've to use iptables with "-p 47" for forward it somewhere!

    problem is... since i'm a networking noob, what to append to iptables ?

    EDIT #2:
    I've finally found a thread talking about this.
    Will report my success/failure on this and the other thread asap i get some clients with troubles to solve :tongue:
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