How to connect WAG54g and WRT54g

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by chronicfathead, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Hi

    I connect to the internet using the WAG54g.
    My main pc is connected to the WAG54g and connects to the internet fine.

    I want to place the WRT54g outside, so my server can connect to the WAG54g, and get onto the internet.

    I can't seem to get onto the internet.

    Can anyone suggest where things might be gong wrong, or what settings I would need to use.

    OR suggest a guide that will give me the info.


  2. forahobby

    forahobby Network Guru Member

    im after exactly the same info..

    Hopefully a admin/mod can help us or point us to the right topics.. :)
    I did try for a few hrs one late night and i couldnt get it working either.. I want to share from my WAG54g adsl gateway wirelessly to my other computer and xbox which is connected to my WRT54g

    see my topics here and hopefully some people reply too and it will help both of us:

    How to connect WRT54g and WAG54g. Please help! Going insane!:

    Connect WAG54G ADSL G/way & WRT54G B/band Router Wirelessly:

    cheers from australia,


    btw.. Im no network newbie but im stumped as to why they cant talk wirelessly.. :(
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