How to connect WRT54g and WAG54g. Please help! Going insane!

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by forahobby, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. forahobby

    forahobby Network Guru Member

    Hi guys,

    Ok... So here i am with 2 very nice wireless routers but i havent had a chance to get them working.. Well i have tried but with no luck. So im here to ask for help!

    Heres the deal.

    I have the following setup:
    - 1 x WAG54g (ADSL MODEM) which connects to share my main internet connection throughout my network.
    - 1 x WRT56g wireless router in my bedroom with pc, xbox and other stuff..

    Now the thing is i want to share my internet wirelessly from the WAG54G to the WRT56g which is in my bedroom..

    For some unknown reason the WAG54G will not pick the WRT router wirelessly but it will pickup my WGA54g (game adapter) just fine.

    The ADSL Router (WAG54g) will not pickup anything from the other router wirelessly, even in the same room.. I want to have it connect wirelessly of course and its really getting to me.. hehe.. :)

    Are these two routers compatible or do i need to purchase another linksys internet access point??

    Thanks for all the legends here who can help me.. Im normally on the otherside of the forums but this time i need help myself.

    cheers from australia

  2. a1zi

    a1zi Network Guru Member

    Try this

    Hey, The way only way i know to do it is to get the WRT on 3rd party aftermarker firmware. Sveasoft is what i use because the DHCP is quick were s DD-WRT is not very good at it. Once you flash your WRT with upgraded firmware, you are going to set your router up as a client. Click on the wireless tab and change from AP mode to CLIENT mode. This is not avalible under stock Linksys Firmware. That way, your new WRT can connect to the wireless ADSL modem and they can talk. There are plenty of posts about connecting but your next step is to re-flash to aftermarker firmware if you want to do this. Becareful not to brick your WRT during the flash. Remember, there are risks. I took that risk and re-flashed, (reprogramed) and I do not regret it. Its good stuff.

    Hope this helped.

  3. forahobby

    forahobby Network Guru Member


    Have you got any tutorials or procedures to follow for flashing the WRT since you have done it before??

    Also what model do you have exactly.. I have no problem with flashing really.. The router is useless to me in its current state and i was thinking abuot purchasing something out of the box which would just work.

    If it DO stuff the flash up (which i doubt).. Can anyone recommend a linksys wireless setup to do what i want straight up??

    btw.. If anyone has links and stuff for what i need please reply..

    thank a1zi for your input.. It sounds like you know exactly what im after.. And you have a similar setup no doubt!


  4. 4EverGreen

    4EverGreen Network Guru Member

    If I well understood your 'deal', what you want is to get your WAG & WRT WDS connected ...

    Hope your WAG is a v1.2 .... because only wag54g v1.2 with Linksys firmware v1.02.7 supports WDS !

    Here you have some links

    Linksys firmware :

    Linksys firmware v1.02.7 for WAG54G v1.2 :

    DD-WRT v23 25-12-2005 (3rd party firmware to flash your WRT ) :

    About WDS :

    About flashing :

    I thinks this is enough for you to start with ...

    The most important thing if you go ahead with it is :
    Reset to factory defaults before and after every flashing.
  5. forahobby

    forahobby Network Guru Member

    its not actually.. My mate has the exact same model and upgraded his firmware just recently without a problem.. So hopefully i can just upgrade my WAG firmware too..

    Just leave any comments if you have any.. Ill reply and leave info on what i did and how i go..

    Thanks so much for the replies guys.. I havent been using Wireless gear much but have been into routers etc for years..


  6. nasa

    nasa Network Guru Member

    Dear all,
    I have a similar problem. I would like to build a bridge in a room where all my computing stuff can connect to the WRT54G wired, while the WAG354G (ADSL modem/gateway) connects to the telephone port. The probelm is: how can I flash my WRT54G? Since I do not have cable anymore I cannot connect it to the cable modem. As the WAG354G is the functional router, it occupies, the default IP address. How should I connect the WRT54G? With cable to the WAG354G? Or wired to a computer that is wired to the WAG354G? Or something else? I tried but none of these led to me being able to open up the config web page for the WRT54G. So I cannot flash or change its config. Please help.
  7. DaveQ

    DaveQ Network Guru Member

    Nasa - if you just want to flash the wrt54g, then why not get the binary onto your computer then move the wrt54g next to it, and plug the computer directly into the wrt54g?

    After you've finished flashing it, you can put it wherever you want...
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