how to create IF / THEN QOS settings?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by tivoboy, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. tivoboy

    tivoboy LI Guru Member

    I wonder if someone can help with this QOS problem.
    I use a VUDU movie box, and a slingbox, and of course VOIP and some other solutions.
    I have the VOIP prioritized, then the slingbox, then the VUDU and then some other things.

    What I WANT to have though, is that WHEN the slingbox is trying to take the stream, that it will get 100% of the upstream, but when the VOIP is required, it can take BACK about 125kps of the upstream.

    The problem I am having at the moment is, that the VUDU, while I have limited the upstream it uses, it STILL uses it even though the slingbox is trying to use everything (which is what I want)

    Is there a way to set it up, so that IF the slingbox is pulling content, THEN the vudu is halted?
  2. chadrew

    chadrew LI Guru Member

    Slingbox in higher priority than vudu. VUDU's prioritie's minimum speed: 0% (so if there's a higher priority in use, it can take everything).

    But if that "slingbox" fails to use all the bandwidth, VUDU will still take the rest.
  3. tivoboy

    tivoboy LI Guru Member


    If I set the vudu to minimum 0%, will that mean that it will go DOWN to 0% if others are using?

    I want the slingbox to have the chance to use everything. and de-prioritze the vudu, essentially trumping the vudu, knocking it off the streaming prioritization
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