How to diagnose WRT54G

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Anonymous, Sep 21, 2005.

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    Until last Saturday, I was connected using a WRT54G through a Speedstream 5260 DSL modem. A nearby lightning strike seemed to zap the modem, so my ISP (Earthlink) sent me a (refurbished) Zyxel 645-M UHP. After a bit, I found out that the Zyxel has its own DHCP/NAT/PPPoE facility, so you have to turn this stuff off and put the modem into bridge mode in order to use a router. I've done this, but about 19 times out of 20, the WRT54G "can not get an IP address from PPPoE." Once, it worked, but not very well -- the LAN light on the modem was rapidly flashing and sites like Google were slow.

    Is it possible that the WAN port of the WRT54G (and whatever does the PPoE stuff) also got zapped? Is there anyway to test this? The router works OK to wirelessly connect my PC (cabled to the router) to my wireless printer.

    Or should I dump the Zyxel and get another Speedstream?

    I'd rather not keep buying new hardware blindly. :(
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    Diagnose WRT54G

    I forgot to mention -- when I went to Linksys support, they suggested I go to and use Netstat. Of course, if I could do that with my router in the connection, I wouldn't have to. :thumbdown:
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    Diagnosing WRT54G

    I reached a more helpful Linksys tech today. Apparently, if you connect one of the regular (LAN) ports to the WAN port, both lights should light up solid. If they don't, there's a hardware fault. I haven't tried this yet (not at home now), but I thought I would post it as a useful diagnostic technique to know about.
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    its possible that the lightning got ur port

    also its possible to make a lan port into a wan port using some third party firmware and a few linux commands. just s helpful statement

  5. Guyfromhe

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    you should also have a link light on your modem and on the wrt that should light up when you have the adsl modem plugged into it, this will be a more useful test than plugging the wan into the lan as you'll know if the router is talking to the modem..
    have you tried connecting hte modem directly to your PC and seeing if that worked?
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