How to do Routing certain PCs traffic to another Router?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by yves030, Jan 18, 2014.

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    Hi experts,

    I have two Routers with a separate Internet WAN Connection.
    Router A:
    Asus RT16N with easytomato 0.8, LAN

    Router B (original Telecom Firmware, not changeable), LAN

    Router A acts as DHCP Server for all LAN Clients.

    Router B is connected to Router A via Ethernetcable on LAN Port 1 (each).

    Up 2 now, all Internettraffic from all PCs goes through Router A... My YouTube addicted Kids
    take all the bandwith and because BW-Limiter in Tomato always leads to a crashed Router,
    I wanted to use the second Router (B) for the Kids.

    I do not want to have two subnets, because I still want to be able to "see" everything thats
    going on via Router A, because Tomato has so great functionality on this and I MUST use the Telecom Router on my second Internet Connection because its also serving the IP Telephones...

    So... here comes the question...:
    How can I configure my easyTomato RT16N to route IP Traffic from certain clients (based on their MAC) to Router B?
    I tried to set a Route to see, if I could route certain Websites through Router A, and that works just fine... but unfortunately route is not for distinguishing MAC adresses...
    (I tried: route add -net netmask gw )
    (youtube resolves to 173.194.112.x ...)

    I am quite sure, that this is possible with iptables, but I do not know, how to set it up.
    Any help would ne highly appreciated. thank you!

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