How to get pcANYWHERE through a Network?

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    Ladies & Gents,
    I am running a just implemented installation (with the help of HennieM, expert Linksysinfo forum member!) as outlined in the attached graphic.
    3 buildings: A, B, C
    - A (Home Office Bldg.) houses the HughesNet Sat Internet installation, which is beamed out via WRT54G router.
    - B is provided internet access by the outer - Good connection
    - C houses our company's actual commercial computers: Main Office Computer ("MOC") and wired LANed POSales computers.
    - Linksys bridge connection at P2 links Bldg. A to Bldg. C's "MOC". 2 NICs are installed in "MOC": one for the LAN to the POSale comps, the other one to the Linksys Bridge. That 2nd NIC, the Bridge, the WRT54G router and the 2 comps in Bldg. A (Home Office) are all on same subnet DHCP proviced by the Sat Modem.

    Question: I am trying to use Symantec's pcANYWHERE to access "MOC" from outside the network via Sat. Connection. However, I find out that pcANYWHERE want to know the EXACT address of the PC it needs to connect to (I used to use pcANYWHERE to connect to "MOC" via dialup - too slow; I want to use the Sat Internet connection now!): Quite hard to do when the PC in question is behind Sat. Modem, Router, etc... and does not have its public unique IP address.

    Any idea (I hear about VPN, RAS to achieve this)?


    - Roger T

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