How to get WRT54G working with Eminent 4prt broadband router

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Richie24, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Richie24

    Richie24 Guest

    Dear All,

    I have my computer connected to a eminent 4 port broadband router (contains also modem) which is connected to a cabel internet connection. The internet works fine (DHCP and IP address automatic).
    I would like wireless internet also so i just purchased a linksys WRT54G. I connected the ethernet cable from the eminent router to the internet connection on the WRT54G. I then connected my computer to one of the 4 lan ports on the WRT54G. I did the installation CD but this did not work. I also tried to configure the WRT54G manually. I do not have any real details from my ISP. I know the IP of the Eminent router. I tried also on the WRT54G to use DHCP with the destination IP the same as my computer first had connected straight to the Eminent router and also to the gateway IP of the eminent router. This does not work, i cannot connect to the internet. I cannot even ping the Eminent router with its IP address.

    Can anyone please help me?? Any advice? I am trying to find out how to setup up the WRT54G when connected to a broadband (ADSL/Cabel(my case)) router. Your help will be greatly appreciated.


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