How to have both wired and wireless client on the same subnet

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by salokin, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. salokin

    salokin LI Guru Member

    I use a WRT300N wireless router as an extension of my wired network. I have so far not been able to put the clients connecting wirelessly on the same subnetwork as the wired clients.

    My network is as follows:

    internet---router-----16 port switch-----wired clients
    . . . . . . . |-------16 port switch-----wired clients
    . . . . . . . |-------WRT300N------------wireless clients

    I want the WRT300N to act as a wireless bridge between my wired clients and the wireless one, not act as a router which would put the wireless clients on a different subnet and make connecting to a wired computer impossible.
    My router provides DHCP. I have tried disabling both DHCP and NAT on the WRT300N thinking that the wireless clients would then get their IP from the router but it doesn't work, they just get a self-assigned address instead.
    I have used this same setup previously with an Apple Export Extreme and it used to work, so I just want to reproduce this with the linksys.
    So any thoughts on how I should configure the WRT300N? I have the latest firmware as of today.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    connect the WRT300N to the Router using a LAN port.


    Router LAN IP:
    WRT300N LAN IP:
    turn of DHCP on the WRT300N.

    all clients will now use DHCP and gain the same subnet.
  3. salokin

    salokin LI Guru Member

    Ha! It worked! Thank you so much for answering quickly.
    So all I had to do was plug the router in the LAN (yellow) instead of of the WAN (blue) port and turn off DHCP on the wireless router. It seems to be ignoring the router IP setting that way.
    Thanks again.

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