How to link two tomato routers?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by rajil_s, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. rajil_s

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    I have a WRT54GL router running tomato which is connected to the cable modem. Unfortunately, all the ethernet ports on the router are in use. I have a second router running tomato which I would like to connect to the first one, so that I can make use of 8 ethernet ports. Any idea what settings should i give to the second router?

  2. mikester

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    You will have to connect the two routers via LAN ports. You can also go wireless by enabling WDS - however you will get a speed hit. If you want better LAN performance buy a gigabit switch (8/12/16/24 ports) and use the Tomato as the firewall.
  3. rajil_s

    rajil_s Addicted to LI Member

    I will stick to ethernet. But what do you mean by Lan ports. Should i connect any two ports on the routers. Or do i need to connection a Lan port of the first router to the Internet port of the second router. Basically, I want the second router as an extension of the first router. I dont need wireless on the second router.

    PS: the routers are sitting side by side.
  4. gregg098

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    On the second router, goto the basic settings tab, disable wan, set the ip to an ip in the range of the first router ( will work with default settings), set default gateway and dns to the main router's ip ( Also uncheck DHCP server. Then goto advanced, routing, and set the mode to router.

    Just use any cat 5 cable, LAN port to LAN port. DO NOT use the internet port on the second router. Consider it unusable now. There is a way to make this a normal LAN port, so just search the FAQ if you're interested.

    I have 3 routers and this is how all of them are set up.
  5. nlyonssmith

    nlyonssmith Addicted to LI Member

    I have tried this using a Logitech Play-Link as the connection between the LAN ports. The internet is shared just fine but I cannot ping the router or any of the devices that are connected to it. I also cannot stream music from my laptop (wireless connected to 1st router) to my xbox360 (wired connected to 2nd router).

    Very frustrating but at least I got the internet shared.

    edit: The main router is running dd-wrt micro. Under the status page it shows me the ip for both the other router and the xbox connected to the other router. Will I be able to ping them and connect to them to share my music? Thank you.
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