How to re-direct ports on Linksys

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by webwannabee, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. webwannabee

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    Hope I'm in the right forum..I would like to get information on how to configure my Linksys router model BEFW11S4 to re-direct ports?
    I am really a computer noob, but somehow have managed to, (with lots of help) have a web server (NetServer) with a home page in a www folder. I can see it from http://localhost, but from (host/domain thanx to ' which also gives me dynamic dns so that's not the prob) no one can. Not sure how to 'get into' my Linkys and make it redirect people to my web cause (from what I understand) Linksys in using port 80, but the web site needs it? any help appreciated, and the clearer and simpler the better, i'm not that good at it 8O :)
  2. tnadolecki

    tnadolecki Network Guru Member

    The Aplication and Gaming Tab - Port Forwarding
    User's manual page 23 (29 according to my pdf reader)
    All process is very easy... http port is 80, so just type in from 80 to 80, protocol both, your server's IP , enable and save settings.
    That should do it...
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