How to re-flash adsl2mue

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by MrFLY, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. MrFLY

    MrFLY Network Guru Member

    HI I have a big problem, I have flashed this modem whit the fimware ADSL2MUE419_UK

    the zip file contain thi text document
    How to upgrade ADSL2MUE

    As you can see there are two file to be upgrade for ADSL2MUE.
    Login to the modem and update the BIN file first "LKS.annexA.upgrade.419.UK.img"
    and then it will prompt you form 2nd update IMG(LKS.zimage.ar7rd.upgrade.360c) file.


    After the first file are uploaded the modem dont work.
    The power led is every red and the gui dont work at the classic ip

    At the moment my modem dont work is possible to reflash whit the correct firmware.

    On the linksys support page the modem dont'exist.

    How to download the bin firmware (not source gpl code) 4.12 eu??

    It's possible to reflash with tftp?

    Where is the right procedure?

    I nedd HELP!!!

    Tanks a lot

  2. MrFLY

    MrFLY Network Guru Member

    please up..i dont think if this is possible to reflash adsl2 mue with 4.19uk and bypass the nat control.
  3. samuelgoh21

    samuelgoh21 Network Guru Member

    You have to flash with "LKS.zimage.ar7rd.upgrade.360c" then follow by "LKS.annexA.upgrade.419.UK.img" which will ask by the router after the first flash completed. It will work.. :thumb:
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