How to read gpio button status in shell script ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nalinux, Sep 16, 2018.

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    Hello all !
    I have a stupid problem. The routeur I use is a Belkin N600 DB f9k1102v1 , running "Tomato Version 1.28 by shibby".
    I know it's an old version, but it's not my main routeur, and not even sure a more recent Tomato version would run on it :)
    Here's my (simple) problem.
    I plan to use it for electronic experiments. I want to use the buttons status to activate a device I will plug in parallel with the leds.
    I can activate / desactivate leds with gpio enable/disable, and can also see when I press a button with gpio poll. So the goal is to use an external captor, plug it in // with a button, and activate a relay with a transistor in // with the led. Basic stuff.
    There's an option with the web interface "Administration -- Buttons/LED", but it doesn't work I'm not sure the firmware I use is for this exact routeur model, and don't remember where I got it :)

    root@belkin:/tmp/home/root# gpio poll
    Enable gpio mask: 0x0000
    60F03EAF 0123.5.7.9ABCD..
    60F03EAF 0123.5.7.9ABCD..
    60F03EA7 012..5.7.9ABCD.. <--button reset pressed
    60F03EAF 0123.5.7.9ABCD..
    60F03E2F 0123.5...9ABCD.. <--button wds pressed
    60F03EAF 0123.5.7.9ABCD..
    I'm not so good for programming, and don't manage to get those changes with a shell script. I've tried without success :
    - gpio poll | grep 7 --> blank output
    - gpio poll >> status.log& --> empty file
    - export STATUS=`gpio poll`&; echo $STATUS --> blank $STATUS

    What's the trick ?
    I also couldn't find documentation about /sbin/gpio and /sbin/buttons/ relative to Tomato.
    Thanks a lot.
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