How to recover old Linksys RV042?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Westb, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Westb

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    While playing with console I bricked RV042, anyone have an idea how to recover after this set of commands:

    SME boot> flash_layout
    Flash layout:
    Section 00 Type BOOT Range 0x00000000-0x000F0000 MaxSize 0x000F0000
    No more information.

    Section 01 Type BOOTCONF Range 0x000F0000-0x00100000 MaxSize 0x0000FEEC

    Section 02 Type IMAGE Range 0x00100000-0x00640000 MaxSize 0x0053FEEC
    Size 0x004F1900 Name 'Downloaded at: Wed Jan 1 00:03:03 2003' Version '1.3.9'
    Checksum 0x285A960A Counter 0x00002998 Start Offset 0x00000000

    Section 03 Type CONF Range 0x00640000-0x007C0000 MaxSize 0x0017FEEC
    Size 0x00004AA3 Name 'rg_conf'
    Checksum 0x002473EE Counter 0x000043C2 Start Offset 0x00000000

    Section 04 Type FACTORY Range 0x007C0000-0x007E0000 MaxSize 0x0001FEECSize 0x0000017C Name 'Image downloaded from: tftp://'
    Checksum 0x00006B03 Counter 0x0000001C Start Offset 0x00000000

    SME boot> flash_erase -d 03
    Returned 0

    SME boot> flash_commit

    Returned 0

    SME boot> restore_default -dopen DHCP Server for dev ixp0

    Restore default completed successfully.

    Returned 0

    SME boot> reboot
    Going to reboot!
    Restarting system.

    and after this it's not booting...

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  2. Sfor

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    I did almost the same with a faulty RV042 with shorcircuited reset circuit, and it worked. But, my RV042 had the boot config modified, as a router with a reset button constantly pressed would stop before booting the main firmware image.

    Also I did not use the restore_default command I think. The main firmware created the missing config by itself somehow.

    So, I think you should try to force to boot the firmware image manualy using console, with the config file deleted completely. The main firmware should be able to write the missing config data by itself, then.

    As long as SME Boot is working it is always possible to flash another config file using TFTP. But I did play with this function quite a few years ago, so I do not remember the whole procedure.
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