How to Reset a WET54G to Factory Defaults

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    Telling you of my painfull experiences to reset WET54G V3.1 to factory Defaults because I was unable to find this information on the web

    The trap is the Reset button only works at the end of the power up cycle

    1) Power on the WET54G and watch the Power light
    During initialisation the power light will blink rapidly​
    a) Press and hold the reset button before the blinking stops
    The power light stops blinking and goes steady and
    the wireless G will blink about 10 times (ethernet light will be on if you have a network connected)
    When the power light starts blinking again the unit has reset to defaults (release the reset button)

    2) To connect to the WET54G to configure it via ethernet
    a) Set your IP address to 192.168.1.x where x is NOT 226
    b) Open a web browser to (the factory default address) and follow the manual instructions
    c) IF you change the IP address of the WET54G you Must change your network settings to the same network (eg WET set to - change your IP address to 192.168.11.x where x is NOT 30)​

    3)WPA PSK
    I was only able to get this to work with firmware v2.07 Jun 30 2006
    Version 2.03 did not work with D-Link DI-624​

    My System WET54G V3.1 connecting to Dlink DI-624 using WPA-PSK Wireless security
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