How to Reset Router and Repeat Setup

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by clemkonan, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. clemkonan

    clemkonan Guest

    WRT54G ver3
    Bell Sympatico internet Provider- phone line
    Speed stream 6420 wireless ADSL gateway

    I have a home network connected as:

    Phone line > Speed Stream Modem > WRT54G > PC #1

    From WRT54G connects wirelessly to WUUSB54G which is connected to PC #2

    PC #2, by my right triangle math works out to be about 50 feet away on the 2'nd floor, PC # 1 is in the basement.

    My problem is two fold:
    1) PC # 2 is not getting a strong signal and sometimes I cannot get pages to load also connects to unsecured network.

    2) PC # 1 has 4 networks identified 3 are secure 1 is not

    This mess represents my initial efforts to get the network up and running.
    I want to:
    1) Remove the three unwanted networks
    2) Secure the remaining network
    3) View all the PC's on my network
    4) Optimize the signal on the remote pc
    5) install any upgrades to firmware, etc.

    Hoping you can help

    Most of the WEP passwords etc are missing hence the need to start over.

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