How to set Client DHCP/MAC lease table on WAG300N?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by NIGHTCD, Sep 29, 2007.


    NIGHTCD LI Guru Member

    Hello, everyone..

    i have bought an Linksys WAG300N and set it up in my network, and it seems that it is stable so far (3 hours), i have got the 1.01.03 firmware on the unit..

    but the main problems that i have encounter is that i can not find any place where i can set up ip adresses to units that i have connected by lan / wlan.

    what i want is to eks. set ip adress to mac adress 00:01:cc:xx:ee:01 , is there any place where i can set this ? hidden menu and so on?

    hope that there is any way for this, bacause i needs it,,

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