How to set the clock on a WAG54G

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by hijglander, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. hijglander

    hijglander Network Guru Member

    Fellow owners/owners to be,

    I just discovered that it is not possible for me to set the date/time (let's call it "The Clock") on the WAG54G. (I hapen to own a new revision of the WAG54G: Version 2)

    Strangly enough there is a time zone setting on the mainpage for daylight saving purposes, but no possibility to enter the current date or time anywhere.

    Is this a 'normal' thing? Or is there a way to set the clock without entering the web interface of the WAG54G?
  2. RoadhawK

    RoadhawK Network Guru Member

    It's automatic, it synchronises wth a NTP time server.
  3. hijglander

    hijglander Network Guru Member

    Thnx, that should explain it.
  4. benpal

    benpal Network Guru Member

    Did you find a way to set the clock manually? My log still shows dates in 1970, even though I have checked "Automatic update"
  5. hijglander

    hijglander Network Guru Member

    Unfortunatly mine shows january 1970 aswell.
    Maybe another firmware will do the trick.
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