How to setup a wireless bridge

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by The Shadow, Apr 25, 2009.

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    Need help setting-up a wireless bridge

    A small private elementary and jr. high school just switched from ATT DSL to cbeyond compunctions. Cbeybond setup a T1 connection and a Cisco router, but no one realized that the phone wiring and the network wiring are located in two different rooms, and there's no ethernet connection between the two rooms, that's where I come in. The school contracted me out to connect the two rooms together. I was going to just run an Ethernet cable in a conduit, but upon navigating I've come to the conclusion that it’s going to be a much harder and dangerous job then I first thought. The ceiling is about 12ft high and there’s stairs that lead down the basement right next to the windows.

    I purchased two linksys WRT54GL routers and I flashed them with Tomato 1.23 and I want to set up a wireless bridge between the two rooms. I've put on the routers in Wireless Bridge mode, but how to I tell the WRT54GL to connect to the other WRT54GL thats hardwired into the switches?

    I am also having some problems configuring the routers with the proper IP address. The Cisco router has the IP address of and the two WRT54GL systems need to have IP address of and The problem is when I got to set the IP address of the WRT54GL units, they act as if I am setting the IP router to I need way to set the IP address of the WRT54GL independently of the Cisco router.

    Here's diagram of my network topography:

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    As one who has setup both, wireless bridge and wds, I encourage you to use WDS.
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