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    We have the Linksys E4200v2 router running DHCP on 192.168.1.x. Currently we have two Domains (One server running SBS Essentials (Domain A/ServerA) and one DC running Windows Server 2003 (Domain B/Server B)). Both Servers have Static IPs now (192.168.1.x).
    Eventually Domain B is going away but there is one PC in Domain B that needs access to both domains and will eventually join Domain A permanently. There is also a PC in Domain A, that needs to access to application On Server B.
    It was suggested to me in another forum, to isolate the two domains using a router by:
    "suggest to isolate it (old domain and new domain) by a router with specifying routing entries on it in order to make the clients at each domain are able to access hosts at opposite subnet "
    Domain A----------Router-----------Domain B

    How do we do that? Do we need two routers in the network, or just one? We have another e4200v2 as a spare.
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    Your router should have two network cards. One connecting to each server. It can be a direct connection (using a cross-cable) from each server to the router or using a network switch at each end (in this case no cross-cable). The servers will then connect to the switches.

    If you are simply testing a solution. Perhaps you could use VMWare ESXi (It is free) and you can do some advance switch configuration.

    If you are referring to Windows domains, you can connect them using the same network switch (simply configure two IP Addresses for each server so that they can see each other).

    Another solution would be to use an additional network card at each server and connect them with a cross-cable.

    A bit more challenging? configure one of your domains servers as a router (router and remote access services). You will need two network cards on the server acting as the router

    Happy testing!

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