[HOW TO] Start a New Thread & Why Should I

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by tvlz, Aug 22, 2018.

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    The HOW:

    tomato-forum.JPG #1 Use the "Search Button" to see if your problem is known or already has a solution.

    #2 If Not, press the "Post New Thread" button to start your own thread about what you want to discuss, the problem you are having, the weather etc..

    #3 Fill in the "Thread Title" with the subject/problem you are having - you should be able to tell what the thread is about just by reading the Thread Title!

    Good Examples:
    Add Support for <model of router> Router
    Add/Update <software name> to version <xx>

    Bad Examples:
    Router Broken Help Me
    This version sucks
    When will the next firmware version be released --> The answer is always when it is ready!

    #3b When adding pictures/screenshot, I Always use the "Full Image" option vs "Thumbnail".

    #3c When posting results from a command, Always use Insert button --> Code to preserve formatting of the results.

    The Why:

    Quite simply to make it easier to get answers to your question, find a solution that will help others & get a problem fixed, which is the goal of reporting it right?

    If every problem/question has it's own thread that only discusses that problem/question it...

    Makes it easier to debug - no time wasted having to sort thru all the other unrelated posts.
    Less likely the bugs get lost
    Will help keep track of outstanding bugs and their fixes

    "I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask..." if you are not sure the start a new thread.

    If I had my way the forum would be like this:

    @Pedro311 @kille72 would start a new thread with their next firmware release have the usual changelog etc..,

    with a note saying that all support requests MUST take place in their own threads - the only allowed posts in this thread will be

    #1 simple one off posts

    Good job working good
    Donation on its way

    #2 Short description(see #3a above) of your problem (one sentence) with a link to your own thread

    ARM QOS Rule # broken <link to thread>
    Add/Update <software name> to version <xx> <link to thread>

    Then after about a week close the thread about the old firmware version if there are no major show stopping bugs in the new firmware version.
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    Is-it please possible to have a "Sticky" on this thread?

    Thanks in advance.
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