How to use 3 WAP54s?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Rolla, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Rolla

    Rolla Network Guru Member

    Welll here is my issue, I am running one WAP54G(don't know version numbers, but they are all the new ones purchased 1 month or so ago) connected to my modem. This WAP54G is in AP mode, then I have another WAP54G in repeater mode.

    This works fine and the problem is, I need to add another device to extend the signal one more time. Can I use another WAP and if so how?

    I was using a WRE54G range extender, but that is the biggest POS I have ever used hahah... Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not and I followed ever piece of help I found from Linksys and no Linksys.

    So what other product can I use that is reliable or how can I extend or repeat it one more time?

  2. Rolla

    Rolla Network Guru Member

    Oh and just to add, I use all 3 WAPs for wireless clients. Noone is hardwiring into them.
  3. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Set the third WAP54G as a repeater and use the MAC address of the WAP54G you are using as a repeater. You should have the smae SSID, channel and security settings. The throughput of the the third WAP54G will be a one quarter, since you are repeating the signal twice.
  4. Rolla

    Rolla Network Guru Member

    Oh ok thank you, I kind of feared that though. Any way to connect this without decreasing the speed?

    I know using WDS or repeating will slow it down, or am I stuck with no other choice?
  5. WirelessInn

    WirelessInn LI Guru Member

    WAP54G as repeater or extender?

    I have just set up a wlan with a WRT54G getting Satellite Internet (Diresway). Works well, with good range - I run a B&B and want to make the wlan available to Guests as convenience only (no bband hogging, etc...). I reach just about all the premises, but need a little "boosting" in one area or two. I see that instead of using the Linksys Range Extender, one can use WAP54G units to do so. In that case, are we "extending range" or "repeating signal"? And what about loss of speed? I have also read an interesting similar info at (FYI) :

    I do like the "cheapness" of using WAP units instead of going to more expensive schemes - and there are so many!
    Thanks for info - Roger T
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