How to use a Sip Spoofed Alcatel Modem with Sveasoft?

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by seppil, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. seppil

    seppil Network Guru Member

    I've searched the forums, but can not find the right info so trying it this way:

    At this momement I am using the latest wifibox version, but I would like to switch to Sveasoft for multiple reasons...But I need to be sure I can (and how) realize the


    I use a Alcatel Speedtouch 510i modem in combination with a WRT54G. The modem is 'sip spoofed' so that the WAN IP (80.x.x.x) is set to my WRT54G (instead of some

    internal modem IP like

    Why using sip spoof.

    very stable (more than dhcp poof in case of KPN mxstream and Xs4all)
    better pptp (with sip spoof I can still enter the modem interface, comes up automatic after power failers)
    No use for double NAT
    external IP on Router instead of Modem

    So I got this working by USING WIFIBOX and entering in the startup options (Administration - Diagnostics, startup script)
    the startup script used is:

    nvram set wan_ipaddr=80.x.x.x (=Wan Ip)
    nvram set wan_netmask=
    nvram set wan_gateway=
    nvram set static_route=""

    This script overrules the settings done by the web interface where it is not possible to set an netmask of!

    Who can tell me if, how and how much effort it takes, this can be done with sveasoft

    Sip spoofed 510i in comination with wifibox see more: (in dutch..)
    sip spoof 510: (in dutch..)
  2. boklof

    boklof Network Guru Member


    I run Satori-4.0 v2.07.1.7sv on my wrt54g. My speedtouch home adsl modem is also 'sip spoofed'.
    Configuring the router is not difficult. You can compare it with sequence you did for Wifibox. You have to connect to the router through ssh to get shell access. E.g. ssh root@ Maybe telnet will work to.
    Don't forget to enter 'nvram commit' to make the changes permanent.

    Good luck.
  3. seppil

    seppil Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the advise, but I still have some questions:

    1) If you dou by ssh or telnet, wil the settings be 'rememberd' or do you have to enter them again after a router-reboot or power interuption?

    2) Where to find more information about telnet, sshe access to the router and how to use thsi for a newbie

    3) is it possible do do these settings by the web interface (administration - run) and how to?


    By the way.. I'm trying to run Alchemy 6.0-RC6a on my wrt54g
  4. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    if you are using linux it is mega easy (your not)

    so you do a search for Putty or secureCRT
    which are telnet/ssh clients.

    then you log on to the router via http browser ad enable ssh password login.
    its easy as pie
    then when you enter in the ip of the router int putty or secureCRT
    you will get a shell prompt
    which is where you will do all the nvram things.

    be careful messing with nvram it is nonvolitile and will not reset on reboot
    (unless you hold reset down)
    hope it helps
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