How to use an external dsl modem with WAG354G?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by kvarx, May 20, 2006.

  1. kvarx

    kvarx Guest

    The subject says it all, I need to know if it is possible to disable the modem in the WAG354G and only use it as a router.
    If it's possible, how do I do?

    Hoping for answer //KvarX
  2. eroG

    eroG LI Guru Member

    well..if I got it right. what you have to do is:

    1) change the ip of the wag354 to the same ip family address of the modem...let s say for example if the modem is change the router ip to

    2) change the cfg of the router to "on demand" connection only

    3) plug the router in one of the modem ethernet port

    4) set up the modem for the connection

    and that s it

    anyway doing this your wag354g will become an ordinary access point while the connection will be all in the hands of the modem.
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    are you using the WAG for DHCP services?
  4. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Nope not as a router, an access point/4 port switch yes.
  5. Number12

    Number12 Guest

    On Demand?
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