How-To: WLAN And LAN Windows Share??

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by speciestraitor, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. speciestraitor

    speciestraitor Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54g w/Sveasoft Satori 4.0 (free)

    With 2 Wired Workstations, one wireless notebook w/a wpc54g

    w/the laptop i am able to get a solid connection to the internerd, even itunes music sharing works fine.

    I can not howerever get the machine in my windows shares (workgroup>workgroup) using the wirless connection.

    i can ping the router/and machines from the notebook, and to the notebook from both workstations.

    when the notebook is wired to the wrt54g, windows sharing works fine.

    is this possible?

    any help would be awesome
  2. kublai

    kublai Network Guru Member

    Possible firewalling on Netbios ports for WAN ???? Check for ports blocked....roughly 135-139(usually 139.....)
  3. izx

    izx Guest

    Firewalling doesn't affect LAN connections. Your problem is most probably that Loopback is enabled. Disable Loopback in Administration...Management and you should be all set.

    Note that Loopback only affects WINS name resolution, i.e. \\MYDESKTOP\SHAREDIR wouldn't work, but \\\SHAREDIR will.
  4. farjars

    farjars Guest

    Disable loopback under the administration tab

    (this is a very common issue, I've heard next firmware from Sveasoft might disable it per default, I'm not sure though)
  5. speciestraitor

    speciestraitor Network Guru Member


    disabling loopback worked like a charm!

    thank you!
  6. vtrac

    vtrac Network Guru Member

    I've got this same issue. I disabled loopback but it still doesn't work. I can do a \\IP of computer and connect to it, but I can't use \\Name. Any ideas?
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