HOWTO Batbox a WRT54G v4 hardware (and safely turn boot_wait

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    HOWTO Batbox a WRT54G v4 hardware (and safely turn boot_wait=on)

    First off, here's the standard disclaimer. Anything you do here is at your own risk & peril. This is for your education from my personal experience.

    Before all the WRT54G v4 boxes leave the shelves (to be replace the same physical insides but re-branded WRT54GL) I headed over to Wally World and grabbed another for $50. Don't forget make sure the serial number on the box bottom does NOT start with CDFB* (v5 hardware).

    Now having 2 stock WRT54G v4, I thought I should provide a HOWTO Batbox your WRT54G v4 and post some related reference articles for those tinkering with their WRT54G. Unfortunately, the BB is not letting me attach them as text or even zipped up. I'll try posting them again shortly.

    Reference: WRT54G v4 stock NVRAM Settings
    Reference: WRT54G v4 stock file listings

    First of all. Even if you decide not to apply any 3rd party firmware ... Please consider running the Batbox distro and set your "boot_wait=on". This will CYA from other issues you can't even dream of, like static discharge scrambling, etc. It's really silly Linksys didn't turn this on by default for its customers. Read on for the simple details on how to do this.

    I titled this "(and safely turn boot_wait=on)" because to enable this feature, other 3rd party firmware overwrite your existing firmware which violates your warranty. Personally, I'm cautionary. Doing my research and not quite ready to potentially brick my first WRT54G v4, I've decide to use the Batbox distro. It is strictly RAM based. If you loose power or updated with Official firmware, you have to re-run the - every time. A small inconvenience for safety.

    There should be plenty of info the Batbox distro being one of the oldest. This is straight walk-thru for those using Cygwin. Those using a *nix (including Mac OS X), your mileage should be similar - make the Cygwin parts relative to your needs.

    BTW, there is a couple of Cygwin requirements. You need to install ttcp and wget (curl could also replace wget).

    1. Go download the Batbox from If you want a bit of detail, read over

    2. Expand the wrt54g-0.6.tar.gz

    3. Optional, but recommended, read the README, INSTALL and the FAQ.txt - particularly those using a *nix or Mac box.

    4. We have to make two edits to the One for using Cygwin/*nix to use wget. The other for using a WRT54G v4 since the WAN & LAN assignments have changed. (If you aren't using, you should also edit line 5)

    4.a. Uncomment line 64 & 65. (If using curl, uncomment 68 & 69. I didn't use curl so reply to the is post to help out others):
    PROGRAM="wget --quiet --http-user=$USER --http-passwd=$PASSWORD"
    4.b. Now edit the for the WRT54G v4. Make a backup before you edit. NOTE: eth0 is now the WAN

    4.b.1. copy line 257 twice ( # iptables -A INPUT -j DROP -i eth1 --protocol tcp --destination-port 23 )
    4.b.2. uncomment the new lines and change "-i eth1" to "-i eth0" in both
    4.b.3. change one of the lines so the --destination-port from "23" to "8000". NOTE: Batbox will start a httpd on port 8000 that is without any security or SSL layer. To stop that you either need to drop or reject port 8000 on eth0.

    It should look like this:
    # iptables -A INPUT -j DROP -i eth1 --protocol tcp --destination-port 23
    iptables -A INPUT -j DROP -i eth0 --protocol tcp --destination-port 23
    iptables -A INPUT -j DROP -i eth0 --protocol tcp --destination-port 8000

    4.b.4. If you will be using the Batbox telnet and http access over the wireless connection, you'll need to comment out ( ie. "#") what was lines 260 through 264 as WLAN is not part of the LAN group. Also, to settle your nerves, the -j REJECT lines are not needed since your two new lines -j DROP anything for those ports - so I commented them out anyway.

    5. We're around half way done. All the work to this point is just making everything custom for your box.

    6. Plug in all the network cabling. It's best to do it wired the first time. Also, your WRT54G must first have had a WAN connection before the BatBox load will work. It doesn't matter how; it just needs to be "active".

    7. Open a Cygwin terminal.
    8. Copy the /bin/ttcp.exe to your directory with your custom script.
    9. Run your copy of the script: ./ adminpassword

    REMEMBER: It must first have had a WAN connection before the BatBox load will work. Otherwise you get the
    ttcp-t: connect: Connection refused
    ttcp error, status is 1
    10. If successful, you should see this:
    $ ./
    Router Password? admin

    Installing to
    Making copy of receive tool
    Starting receive tool
    Sending bootstrap
    ttcp-t: socket
    ttcp-t: connect
    Sending busybox
    ttcp-t: socket
    ttcp-t: connect
    Sending distro.tar
    ttcp-t: socket
    ttcp-t: connect

    You may now telnet to
    You can connect a browser to

    NOTE: If you change your settings to disable via HTTP (and only use HTTPS) it could kill the busybox webserver.

    11. Telnet in to It's time to protect ourselves by turning on boot_wait. Issue the following commands to validate you have boot_wait turned on. Without out it, any freak accident or firmware hacking you do could "brick" your WRT54G:
    nvram get boot_wait
    #( if OFF, continue the following steps )
    nvram set boot_wait=on
    nvram get boot_wait
    #( it should be set ON now )
    nvram commit
    nvram get boot_wait
    #( one more time for comfort)

    12. Sit back, look around, and "Have a coke and a smile" - for yourself & Richard Pryor (We'll be missing you.)

    Now you can start thinking of ways to enhance or mod your Batbox distro. Things like busybox/hush shell CGI scripts.

    Maybe you may want to read:
    The docs on how to upload dropbear for SSH/SFTP and others found in the wrt54g-0.6/options directory of the archive. - using Snort for Batbox - offers NoCatSplash for Batbox

    Over the holiday break, I'm hoping to get started on gathering several open source distro's sources for similar devices, and building additional utils for my WRT54G Batbox. I don't want to cram the world in it, just the tools I need on demand. BTW, it was mentioned in the Batbox docs & site somewhere that NFS is currently broken. A mountable remote filesystem is one of the first goals that should be achieved.

    Later, Markus.
  2. eq2675

    eq2675 Network Guru Member

    Saddly, I can not get Batbox to work on my WRT54GL.

    I can surf and ping the outside world, but I fail this test in Ping Test


    FYI, the GL came with v4.30.0 firmware.

    Any suggestions?
  3. robwen

    robwen Guest

    use traceroute bug instead of ping bug

    The ping bug does not work in my router either, nor does the traceroute bug, but the ping trace bug works fine.

    You can mod the batbox script to use a different "bug":


    (remove the spaces that this forum inserts into the above script lines)
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