howto config VPN: Router1 (DMZ, VPN1) -> Router2 (LAN,VPN2)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by go4unkwn, Dec 12, 2010.

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    I have in mind to configure VPN for two different zones.

    The first router (WRT54GL v1.1, TomatoUSB v1.28) is connected to a DSL modem (WAN) and should publish a QNAP NAS (DMZ) and WAN-Users should be able to conncet using VPN1 (VPN1-certificates clientx).

    Second there is a second router (WRT54G v3.1, TomatoVPN v1.27, with another IP-Range, DHCP-Server for the LAN) connected to the first Router (Router1 LAN -> Router2 WAN).
    And this Router should make VPN2 (VPN2-certificates clientx) available only to me, so that I can connect to my QNAP NAS in the LAN and mount SMB-Shares.

    Third: the router publish the DMZ should be reachable using and the router publish the LAN should be reachable using Both and are published by

    I managed the case with only one router well, but I have no idee for the scenario above.

    So any hint would really be appreciated.

    Kind regards, go4unkwn.
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