HP 7760 and the WPS54GU2

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    Thsi is the transcript of a chat I had with the linksys support help desk concerning the printserver and the fact the green led of "USB" won't lighten up when using the HP 7760 Photosmart.

    Mark B(11116): Hi, my name is Mark B(11116). How may I help you?
    Tom: well... I can connect to my printser when it is wired
    Mark B(11116): Can you please confirm the model number of your Linksys product?
    Tom: oh sorry
    Tom: I have a WPS54GU2 printserver
    Mark B(11116): And the router?
    Tom: WRT54G
    Mark B(11116): And the printer?
    Tom: HP Photosmart 7760
    Tom: when the PS is wired connected to my network, I can connect to the admin with my browser or I can ping it
    Tom: if I unplug the wire, I can't
    Tom: also the led of the USB won't let up
    Tom: I used several USB cables to make sure it sin't a bad one
    Tom: and I can plug the printer directly to the PC
    Mark B(11116): When you plug the USB of the printer to the USB port of the printserver its not lighting up?
    Tom: yes indeed
    Mark B(11116): Let me check the model of the printer.
    Mark B(11116): Thank you for your time and patience!
    Mark B(11116): I checked the said model and it worked with the WPS54GU2.
    Mark B(11116): Have you turned off the unit and turned back on.
    Tom: yes
    Tom: won't work
    Mark B(11116): I see.
    Mark B(11116): Tried different USB cables as well? RIght?
    Tom: yes I did
    Tom: Plugged my HP Photosmart 7760 and NO USB Light. Plugged in my HP Photo 1115 and saw it fine. Another one to add to the list. ;-(
    Tom: a topic on the forum on your website
    Tom: http://www.linksysinfo.org/modules....tdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=7760&start=20
    Mark B(11116): I apologize for the wrong information here.
    Mark B(11116): I looked on the wrong model.
    Tom: :)
    Tom: can happen
    Mark B(11116): The said unit has been tested and it failed.
    Tom: damn
    Tom: so I can't use this printer on the printserver
    Mark B(11116): That would be the case.
    Tom: so another item will be sold on eBay.... :D
    Tom: just ashame that Linksys doens't provide the people with a compatibility list....
    Tom: will save us a lot of time and money
    Mark B(11116): Well, the list we have are based on actual test we made with our clients, since there are numerous printers in the market.
    Tom: yes, but still.....
    Tom: anyway, thanks for helping me out.
    Tom: bye
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