HP DeskJet 5850 and Networking

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by jdepew, May 2, 2004.

  1. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    After pouring over slides of gross and sectional slides of brain and spinal cord anatomy, I decided my laser printer wasn't cutting it. I needed color, i needed detail!!!!

    I picket up an HP DeskJet 5850. It is one of two 'consumer' DeskJets that are offered with built-in networking. It has both a 802.11b interface and good old 10/100TX 802.3.

    I got it home and set it up on the wired network, assigned it a static DHCP address through the WiFi'd WRT54G and named it deskjet.local.net through the Local DNS server.

    From there on out, setting it up on my other machines was easy, just point it to deskjet.local.net and voila!

    So, I did enough to get it up and working on the network, but later on this week, I'll really run it through its paces, see how it handles wireless, operating on a windows Print Server, and being redundant and using it on the WPS54GU2. I'd like to see if the DeskJet series is as incompatible as the LaserJets are on the Linksys Print Server.

    So, be looking for more a complete report on DeskJets (based on a whole n=1 sample) and the WPS54GU2 and general printer networking soon.
  2. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    I thought I should update this thread on my network printing setup.

    I have moved into a new apartment, and in doing so have consolidated the majority of my networking/computing components into one room and on one rack.

    So now the printing setup is -

    Brother HL-1440 --->parallel---> WPS54GU2 --->wired--->WRT54G

    HP DeskJet (built in Jet Direct) ---> wired ---> WRT54G

    The deskjet had been down for some time as I just got it replaced. Shortly after acquiring it, I noticed there was an updated JetDirect firmware available which managed to fail 50% through flashing, and there is no easy recovery like with the linksys boxes. So I just got a new one in and it works beautifully on the network.

    The WPS54GU2 is very cool, short of its printer incompatibility, in that you can view it on a windows workgroup/domain.--- to do so:

    1) Open the WPS54GU2 administration page http://192.168.1.X where X is its IP address, the default password is 'admin' with no username
    2) In Setup page, Enable Protocol 'NetBEUI', and enter an appropriate name in 'WPS54GU2 Device Name:'
    3) In Protocol page, select NetBEUI subpage
    4) Set the 'Domain Name' to the name of your windows workgroup, then select save.
    5) Navigate to 'My Network Places' view the Workgroup computers, and you should see a new 'computer' named whatever you selected in step 2. View the available resources for the computer and you will see two shared printers - P1 and P2. P1 will be the first printer you connected and P2 (if connected is the second). You can view which printer is assigned where in the 'Status' Page of the WPS54GU2 web admin .

  3. jerry3504

    jerry3504 Network Guru Member

    jdepew, thanks for the info on the NetBUI setup to enable seeing the printer under workgroups on PCs in the same network. Very convenient to have that available, especially when trying to cancel a print job. One thing to note is that I have to enable File and Print Sharing in order to see the printer. But, that may be common knowledge to most. Again, thanks for the info, very useful.
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