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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by tom, Jan 9, 2005.

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    I have a pair of HSB1 amps set at 500 mw that now link me and my good neighbor together. All other attempts have proved unsuccessful. I am using a WRT54G on my side and Sveasoft firmware. I used WDS and P2P to make the link. This was really cool because we are using different IP subnets in order to "stay good neighbors". ;-)

    I entered his MAC and IP with a last subnet octet of 252. I used my other AP connected as "LAN" to cover my entire premisies. This means I have 2 APs covering my building and a link to his AP (WRV54G) too. We seem to keep an 18 to 36 Mbps link in place. We are located 150' to 200' from each other with antennas on the closest side to each other. Both units are indoors.

    What helps to make the link better is in my WiFi setup on my latop I have 2 gateways entered. Right now I have his with a Metric of 1 and mine with a Metric of 2. So right now I am stealing his bandwidth. But if he drops out I will automatically be routed via my gateway. Pretty slick.

    I have tried antennas, jacking up the power of Sveasoft firmware to 250 ms, etc, and the amps are the only thiings that have really worked.

    IMO, the default TX power of 28 mw (WRT unit) seemed to work better then 100 mw or other higher settings wen using these amps. I can only guess I may have been "overdriving" the amp. If anyone can firm this it would be good. My tests were totally unscientific.

    So finally! Good news on connectinfg a lousy few hundred feet! BTW, external antennas were priced way out of reach. The amps are much cheaper.
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