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Discussion in 'HyperWAP Firmware' started by rylorin, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. rylorin

    rylorin Guest

    Hi all,

    My appologies to HyperWap original author, this is an unofficial firmware based on Linksys 2.08 and including the following hacks from HyperWap:
    # Adjustable Transmit Power
    # 13 Wireless Channels
    # 'Boot Wait' flash protection
    I didn't added Antenna Select.

    WARNING: this is untested firmware so be sure you can recover your unit before testing in case it does not work.

    The firmware can be downloaded from:

  2. jaydubb

    jaydubb Network Guru Member

    Has anyone tested this firmware? Does it work?
  3. switchy

    switchy Network Guru Member

    I have upload the firmware 2 hours ago... All is good with 2.08 version. I have now the transimt power adjustment. I test it with my WRE54G and all is stable.

  4. cozzi

    cozzi Network Guru Member

    I wish this was still around...
  5. switchy

    switchy Network Guru Member

    Yes and it is very stable.

  6. venro

    venro Network Guru Member


    link seems to be down.

    could someone do a mirror of this firmware ?
  7. switchy

    switchy Network Guru Member

    I try in this moment, the mirror is up&running.

  8. venro

    venro Network Guru Member

    yea, on mozilla it's down, but it works on explorer :]
  9. cozzi

    cozzi Network Guru Member

    It works.... and quite nicely!

    Be aware though, that many WAP54Gs might connect and pass data at 84mw, but for best throughput I found 45wm to be optimum.
  10. Ata-man

    Ata-man Guest

    It works successfully!

    Will telnetd be added to in firmware? :)
  11. snooze7555

    snooze7555 Network Guru Member

    hyperwap v2.08


    is this release working on the v1.0 from the wap54g

  12. Pabl0z

    Pabl0z Guest

    works for me

    I've got WAP54G EU version (7 leds). Previously i've used HyperWAP 2.07. Firstly i've flashed unit with linksys official fw 2.08 and then with this one. Seems to work, stable:)

    THX :thumb:

    My question - is there any fw with shell (eg telnet or ssh) access for WAP54G which will work on my AP?
  13. JAWmon

    JAWmon Guest

    Yep, I flashed from hyperwap 1.0 to this no worries. It has fixed one of my problems - getting a wap54g AP talking to another wap54G client (which was a Linksys fix from 2.07 (hyperwap 1.0 base code) to 2.08). I need the extra power in addition to the fixes in 2.08.

    So thanks for that, much appreciated!
  14. matje

    matje Guest

    Is it possible to add antenna selection? (because I use an external antenna)

    thanks anyway for this firmware!
  15. et12

    et12 Guest


    I upgraded to this firmware from HyperWAP and did not encounter any problem. However I notice that the downgrade firmware page http://(your linksys)/fw-conf.asp is no longer available. I wonder if I can go back to either HyperWAP or v2.08
  16. Kulai

    Kulai Network Guru Member

    I tried this firmware with my WAP54G V2. My MAC address changed to 00:90:4C:60:04:00 from the original Linksys MAC address. Now I cannot change back the original MAC address even I load back the official Linksys firmware. Anyone know how to change MAC address?
  17. gvala

    gvala Guest

    I upgraded my WAP54G to this firmware from HyperWAP and it works fine.
    What impressed me is that old settings were not lost after upgrading!
    Is this normal?
  18. envoid

    envoid Network Guru Member

    gvala: depending on the code you had beforehand, it can be normal. Though I think 2.07 and 2.08 had the same nvram so it would keep the settings. And since rylorin's HyperWAP is based off the 2.08 fw, it should keep the settings.

    Now, my testimony:

    Been running rylorin's HyperWAP for several months now. Before, with HyperWAP 2.07, my WAP kept rebooting or crashing and needing a reboot. Haven't had a single reboot needed for quite some time now with it. Mine is a v2. Thanks again rylorin! :thumb:
  19. pigpig

    pigpig Network Guru Member

    wap v3.04

    work whit wap54g v3.05 ????
  20. sutil

    sutil LI Guru Member

    dont try using ver 2 firmware on ver3 hardware it will brick it ther is a ver3 firmware for ver 3 hardware
  21. sutil

    sutil LI Guru Member

    we have the same problem i dont know what will i do on this wap54g anyone help us pls regarding wap54g macaddress issue
  22. conolopendejo

    conolopendejo LI Guru Member

    Is there anyplace I can download this firmware from? I have v2 Hardware as well.
  23. pencilmpj

    pencilmpj Guest

    exactamente la misma pregunta, ¿como cambio la MAC Address 00904C600400 por la original u otra?

    porque no podría instalar repetidoras o modos AP Client si a todos les pusiera HyperWap tendrían todos la misma MAC y así no podría configurarlos
    :help: :help: :help:

    ¿hay forma de hacerlo por Telnet?

    somos muchos con el mismo problema!!!!
  24. arjene

    arjene Guest

    link down

    download link is broken
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