HyperWRT installation breaks Svesoft firmware

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by lignicolos, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. lignicolos

    lignicolos Network Guru Member


    after using the svesoft firmware for quite a while i decided that i wanted to try out the hyperwrt firmware. i reset my router to factory defaults and then loaded the hyperwrt firmware onto the unit. after using this firmware for a while i decided that i was happier with the sveasoft firmware.

    i once again reset the router to factory defaults and loaded the sveasoft firmware. everything appeared to go fine. after switching to pppoe and typing in my information i saved that info. attempted to go to the status page. the router locked up and i was unable to connect via http.

    i did a hard reset (pressed the button on back for 30 seconds) and tried loading the sveasoft firmware again. everything appeared to go fine but the router again locked up after clicking around the web interface.

    i did another hard reset and loaded the hyperwrt firmware again which worked perfectly. i was able to do pppoe and all that stuff. i once again reset the unit and tried loading the sveasoft firmware but ended up with the same locking up issue.

    i've tried hard resets, i've tried the nvram erase;reboot command via telnet yet i am unable to get any other firmware to work, besides hyperwrt. any help would be appreciated.
  2. Gheimposse

    Gheimposse Network Guru Member

    Which firmware version did you use?
    I had similiar problems using the sveasoft after having the hyperwrt running for some days ... the solution is to set "factory defaults", then flash, then again "factory default" and than it shell work!
    If not ... flash upon Alchemy 6.0 rc1 up to rc5a.
    I did this with hyperwrt cause flashing the 2.0b3 brought me the problem that *.ebay.de didn´t load again. *fancy*
    So I flashed the hyperwrt 2.0b1 ... checking www.ebay.de (worked!!!) ... than flashing the 2.0b2 (again checking www.ebay.de! Still worked) and finally flash the 2.0b3 ... *.ebay.de worked again.
    But I´ve to say another flashing this trick didn´t work.
    So ... if nothing helps ... maybe the nvram is through the wind ... so hack a "nvram erase" followed by a "reboot" ... shell help.
  3. Avenger20

    Avenger20 Network Guru Member

    When you install Alchemy (or Satori), and do a "nvram erase;reboot" in telnet, everything from HyperWRT should be removed.
    Make sure you do the "nvram erase;reboot" when you have Sveasoft firmware installed, and after that, do a "firmware defaults" to load sveasoft firmware defaults.
    This should work.
  4. lignicolos

    lignicolos Network Guru Member

    well, i'm absolutely baffled as to what the problem is. i've installed the alchemy firmware and i did the 'nvram erase;reboot' from the telnet interface and then reloaded the firmware using the 'firmware defaults' option.

    i did notice that everything on the router works fine until i switch the connection type to PPPoE and enter my login and pass information. after i enter the info and tell it to save the changes the web interface locks up. the switch part of the router still seems to be working as i'm able to access the network shares of the other computers on the network even after the router appears to lock up. i am unable to telnet into the wrt54g and i'm unable to access it via the telnet interface though.

    this has me stumped. thanks for the help so far.
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