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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by raistphrk, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. raistphrk

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    I set up a WRT54GS with the newest build of Thibor's HyperWRT for a customer. Due to a rather convoluted VPN setup, the customer's IT person asked me to set up the router as a switch rather than a router. As such, the wireless access point is set up, and the LAN ports are being used, but the WAN port is NOT being used. Due to (what appears to be) a bug in the firmware, I had to set the default gateway up in the startup script rather than through the web interface. That being said, after setting the default gateway, I can ping the ISP DNS servers, and ping IP addresses for external servers (ie, www.google.com). However, DNS is NOT resolving said servers.

    I have specified the DNS servers in both the DNS area, as well as the LAN DNS area. Regardless of what combination of server IP addresses I use, I cannot resolve DNS names from client computers attached to the WRT54GS. Is this a flaw in the newest Thibor build? Is there a work-around?

  2. slickwillie

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    Dns OK when used as router

    I just installed tofuV9 with no problem. However, mine is a very straightforward setup. I really needed the static dhcp. V9 appears faster as well.

    Sorry, raistphrk (Bill), but I wanted to reassure others. I don't have a clue about your setup.
  3. Chuck_IV

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  4. Thibor

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    if the Wan port is not in use, you need to set it to Disabled within index.asp and then fill in the Lan Gateway and Lan DNS fields. This used to work just fine, although i will double check it to make sure it still does.
  5. raistphrk

    raistphrk Network Guru Member


    I was careful to disable the WAN port; based upon the design of your firmware, there is no way to get to the LAN gateway/DNS/etc menus without disabling the WAN port. That being said, there still appear to be some bugs in that setup. The default gateway settings do not carry over between reloads (Running config not copying to NVRAM? That's probably not the problem though; all the other aspects of the configuration seem to be saving fine; it appears to just be the LAN settings...), and the LAN DNS doesn't appear to be working either.

  6. raistphrk

    raistphrk Network Guru Member

    Just following up on this one. Have you had any luck tracking down or replicating the problem? Please drop me a PM if you need more information.

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